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The Railway transit from Plymouth to London occupies only 6 hours from Cherbourg to Paris 8 hours.Returning the Steamers of the Hamburg Line leave Hamburg Every Wednesday and Havre Every Saturday.Passengers will be forwarded from Southampton or London to havre at the Company's expense.

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The First Cabin is fitted up in magnificent style-the walls are tastefully ornamented, seats and lounge are made in whatever upholsrers' and cabinetmakers' handicraft can provide.The space under the seats of the sofas in the different staterooms is 14 1/2 inches high.The staterooms, of which a large number are located amidships, are 7 to 9 feet in width.1876 Steerage accommodation, Hamburg America Line ca. STEPHENS & SONS in Glasgow, and carry the Uniten States and European Mails.1876 Hamburg America Line landing stage in Hoboken S/S Moltke Passengers arriving New York on the Moltke Augusta Victoria, Nordlandfahrten The S/S Deutschland(3) HAMBURG-AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY. They are amnned by 142 mn, distrbuted as follows: 29 deckhands under 4 officers and 9 petty officers; 32 firemen, coalheavers and machinists under 8 engineers, and 57 stewards, cooks, helpers, trimmers etc.

All the Company's Ocean Steamers have been constructed on the river Clyde by the famous engineers and iron ship builders CAIRD & Co. The Steamers of this Line leave New York from Hamburg Pier, foot of Third Street, Hoboken, Every Thursday and nearly every alternate Saturday, taking passengers for PLYMOUTH, LONDON, CHERBOURG, PARIS and HAMBURG.This arrangement renders the Line a means of direct transportation to England, France and Germany, and at the same time accommodates travelers an route for the Continent, who would avoid the discomforts of crossing the English Channel.Office at 61 Brodway, New York Hamburg America Line Pier, foot of Third St.Hoboken S/S Wieland) Deck view, Hamburg America Line Steamship ca.1876 Saloon - First Cabin on the Hamburg America Line steamship Gellert, Herder, Lessing, Wieland) Saloon - First cabin, Hamburg America Line ca.1876 Saloon - Second Cabin, Hamburg America Line ca.