Xbox 360 updating every game

You cannot receive any more game updates, dashboard/console updates, etc.Furthermore, you also cannot browse the Xbox Live Marketplace, Netflix, video streams, etc.

Are you still playing pirated games over Live on your modded Xbox 360?

One Gamersworldbd reader just had his console banned from Xbox Live and can’t install games to his 360 hard drive anymore.

Here’s the email: Recently my Xbox 360 got banned from Xbox Live and i cant play online games.

I bought my [modded] Xbox from Dhaka and i also use normal 300 Taka discs.

What about my Gamertag, save games and achievements?

Your Gamertag is likely not banned (if it is, Microsoft will send you an email stating the reason).

Which means you can get a new console and start playing with your previous Gamertag. If you transfer your save game on a new (un-banned) 360, it just won’t work.

Moreover, after the ban, i also can’t install games on the hard drive of Xbox 360.

I need solution from this and want to play Xbox Live again.

– Ali Faruque There are a couple of things I want to clear.

What can I do with my Xbox 360 after being banned Firstly (which is most obvious) you cannot connect to Xbox Live from your banned 360 anymore and play games online.