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And there were rewards and a kind of underground fame that she enjoyed.But she never considered that part of her adventure would include starring in just about the most horrific domestic violence case you'll ever hear about, allegedly at the hands of a famous athlete.

"Just feeling my face, I knew it wasn't right," she says."So when I'd look in the mirror, it's not me -- that person wasn't me.It's so hard to go every day without being you anymore." Yet, after all the broken bones, a ruptured liver and a thigh bruise so deep that she couldn't walk for a week, Mack is back to being unmistakably herself in a crew neck blue sweater and jeans. It's a warm day on the cusp of springtime, when living in Las Vegas feels like cheating the misery of winters growing up in a small Midwestern town like Edinburgh, Indiana.Mack lets her pit bulls, Cleopitra and Pitrick Swayzee -- see what she did there? Despite her eventual celebrity, Mack, 23, had a deceptively conventional childhood.She was a cheerleader through her senior year in high school. Of course she can't say for sure, but Mack thinks she may have been the last person in her high school to lose her virginity.

She married her boyfriend at 18 and took care of their dogs while her husband worked at a car dealership.

And if that were where the story ended, Mack's life would have been completely, boringly normal. So when she was approached about posing nude, she traded the Midwest and marriage for What's Behind Door No. With her unique looks -- a curvy frame featuring finely designed tattoos, a long black mohawk and an affinity for her pet snakes -- she rocketed to the top of the adult film industry.

In just a few short years, Christy Mack went from being a quiet Midwestern wife to a renowned porn star and cage-side regular as the girlfriend of former UFC fighter Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver. But the way her muscles healed after the attack, she now needs glasses. "They're cute." Her mouth has a different shape after so many teeth were broken.

Christy Mack looks at her face sometimes -- the new one -- and tries to decide if she likes it better than her old one. Her bright eyes used to be slightly more expressive.

She has veneers, but they are uneven, a stopgap measure so she can eat normally.

She won't smile for photos until she gets them fixed again.