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One of the biggest turnoffs for women in online dating are men who have misspelled words in their dating profile.

69 percent of women in one study, looked for good grammar in the dating profiles of men. There are a ton of free tools that you can use to check your spelling and grammar.

e Harmony says that individuals who have photos on their dating profile are nine times more likely to get messages in their inbox than those who don't have photos.How much do you write about yourself in your profile? Here's an example of an actual profile clocking in at 102 words, bad spelling and all: "Hello hi I'm Lukasz I really suck at writing about myself, but lets do this.One study found men use, on average, 106 words in their online dating profile. My friends say that I'm a laid back down to earth guy.I enjoy going out hanging with friends and family as much as having a lazy day and chilling at home with a good movie or some video games.Seriously, this would be a great dating profile if you were the Riddler but for everyone else, it's a bad dating profile. One big block of 524 words that just hurts looking at even when blurred out. The last thing you want to appear is wishy-washy or weak on your dating profile. Just what a woman want’s, a 37-year-old man who doesn’t know if he wants kids but will date every option available on

Nothing screams laziness like this: On the flip side, don't share too much information. According to, 84% of women will routinely watch you for your confidence level, and it starts with your dating profile. Notice he doesn’t know if he wants kids (red flag) and is looking for a woman who “definitely wants kids someday” but “isn’t sure” or “probably not” wait “no” she doesn’t want kids, or maybe “No” she doesn’t want kids but is “ok if her partner has kids”. Women who want kids will NOT waste their time on a guy who doesn't know if he wants kids or not.

Avoid using words like "if" or "maybe" on your profile. If you are 21 years old and don't know if you want kids, that's fine. But if you are 40 and don't know, it's a HUGE red flag. Also, if you appear wishy-washy women will run for the hills.

As for music I'm open to all kinds except for most rap. Women will pass on this guy because of his negative profile.

I've worked hard to be where I am right now and continue to work hard to better my life and myself. I don’t have time to play games." 100 words are not enough. Share your passions and interests but at the same time, don’t overdo it. Plentyoffish found that users with positive identifiers in their profile received 23% more incoming messages. Here are a few sentences I found in minutes on “...however if you’re a vegetarian or have any objections to zoo’s, marine life parks and aquariums we probably aren’t a match..." “...

Find that balance necessary to generate interest and pique her curiosity. Men still choose to write negative dating profiles. If you are a smoker or drug user, I am not interested..." “In short, I’m not here to waste your time, so please don’t waste mine.” “I am done playing games, looking for genuine people and quality not quantity.” "I'm not here for drama." "No games" "No players" "No bs" These are awful approaches. Don’t start listing things that you aren’t interested in.

Here are some examples of what NOT to do: Question marks? The dating profile example below has WAY too much information. I couldn't fit the whole profile in the screenshot. Take this guy for example: Can you read this and find anything positive about it? Focus on the positive traits you seek in a woman and you will do much better.