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To JSY I can't force you to agree in my comment because for sure you don't like her, coz your obvious.In my comment I really sincere because when I found the truth some of the leading male co star of JSY were became popular.This is, if she ruined them and she only the burden for them why JW be popular in bridal mask and JIW became popular in high end crush and JCW will so better in his acting, yes they good looking and talented but if the viewers didn't like JSY why they bothered to watched the drama of this top actors with her? I feel they like JSY but they pretend to not because simply they are biased and they so so so, envious in achievements of JSY because in JSY young age she prowess in her career as celebrity because she love's her path, if you don't agree again, is that your problem but I'm not delusional to say that, because I saw what the true with no hesitation. @Ma Ma sorry I'm not focused to know of Jang's plans, I can't explain all about him but as far as I understand, Jang want to have a high position because he wants to be a president.

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Their story and bonding is much better than with Jee Hae. It means he challenging himself to play different character and not afraid to try. But if Jee Hee was the lead why waist much time of the story whith Dr Oh. I know one-sided love can be sad, but I've seen other series' characters handle it way better than she has. great acting , the amazing and excellent actor Lee Jong-Suk and Kang So-Ra , hope to see them in another drama..i don't know but i can see the good chemistry between these two smart actors :) I watched this drama because I like the excellent chemistry of lee jong-suk and jin se-yeon plus the pretty mother of hoon- lee jong-suk name lee ii hwa- lee mi- sook DS, I watched the performance of lee ii hwa in reply 1988 1994,1997,her performance was good, like in this drama even though she have less exposure here but I like her acting, hope she play a mother of jin se-yeon in another k-drama.Not many actor or actress willing to do that coz of their image. Why is this kind of fickle, overly-emotional-driven character attractive to some people? I dont think LJS wants to be empty for so long, as you said "LJS offered" so I listen to you for that, I'm not sure LJS thoughts, but I believe in his self, maybe he choice to rest for a while but it doesn't mean he don't want totally to comeback in drama and that his choice.Maybe he receives a offers but I think the offers are not totally good in plot and, his role that offered to him doesn't in taste of LJS, that's why he declined the offers and he decided to not accepted drama but if the offers are good I think he accepted it quickly.Now I think he waiting in perfect time to comeback in good korean drama because he was empty.He did being offered as much as he had been getting before but that was merely just his choice not to make his next drama comeback. The other story from North Korea that I really focused is the childhood and love moment of SJH and PH.

Not that Pinocchio had done any damages to his popularity. Phasing of this drama is so slow that makes you feel bored. Koreans are people who are different from other people in the world, never seen a problem with doctor stranger or jin se yun....is a great drama in 2014 u know any drama better than this in 2014 is just your Koreans always say blood is not a good drama but it is popular internationally. Doctor stranger is ok 99.9% I can say......well as jin se yun.But on the matter about JSY well i couldn't agree more:) At first this drama was great because of the extraordinary skill of the lead role and the acting was brillant, but it gets me more confused as the episode runs by.. so if Koreans like only family or rom-com drama why make other dramas. and Pinocchio is not a good drama at all but appreciate Lee jong suk acting there.As a child, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-Suk) and his father were kidnapped by North Korea. Park Hoon begins to work as a doctor in South Korea's top hospital Myungwoo University Hospital, but he feels like a complete outsider.In North Korea, Park Hoon was trained to become a doctor by his father who was already a doctor. To bring his love from North Korea, he does anything to make money. I cant contain my feeling about it so I put it here.Great drama,well written script, i felt like the writer was challenging himself through every episode, nd none of them was predicted, however i wished that park hoon would be together with dr oh and eventually realize that his love for jae hee was just guilt, honestly i didn't even like her character too much in the drama i got bored, but when it comes to ideas nd surgeries they were well done, lee jong suk great job as always he was well chosen for the character, i love this drama hope to see much better ones in the future fighting :p Oh Soo Hyun is the best partner and should be the female lead.. Next time please choose the female partner that really looks good and well for Lee Jong Suk. Lee Jung Suk is an excellent actor but he is not good to so terrible events, that is why he appears to be an adolescent physician. However the series has some interest for the psychological portraits of people involved. Still watching this drama, I think it's interested since this drama have different background story and brave enough among other dramas that most brings romance and love hate story. Lee Jong Suk is very different here, it shows his quality as a great actor. Wow I have to vent about this somewhere: never have i been so annoyed by a drama character so much in my life.I thought there could be a chance for Park Hoon and Oh Soo Hyun. Jee Hae and Park Hoon's story was so boring and full of drama. Am not a kinda person who easily cried, but this drama made me in tears. He didn't stuck into d same character just to play save and look cute, which is good. Oh Soo Hyun is so dense, selfish, and inconsiderate on so many levels, it literally hurts me.