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With close supervision of the Holy Spirit, Katrina writes and produces lyrics that will 'Make Kanye a Believer' lol. Verse One The rap game is done, call this book Revelation, Standing with the Holy Ghost, no hallucination, Christ wins my cases, no consultation, Break bread with Father, He made reservations; Secret societies, they call themselves Mason, Stand before the King, head bowed, can't face Him; Claim they off that Ye-Yo, said the devil laced them, God created shepherds, sent them out to replace them. Chorus And the sinners say, How can one man have all this power, Riding on the clouds in the final hour?Industry Chicks wanna be like 'Miss Trina',they walk thru the world, ask sinners have they seen her, I'm in the fast lane with Christ, 97 Beemer, Keep them 23's on me, Gilbert Arener; It's hurricane Katrina, demons asking for femur, Remix this track, make Kanye a believer, Cowboy hats with scripts like western, She claim she underground, watch them bugs infest her; Catch her, b4 she hit the ground like shell cases, Tied in with Christ Dynasty, shoe laces; Demons back down, light shines thru our faces, Christ and His soldiers standing strapped in their places; It's long kiss goodnite, like Charlie B-More, Evangelize with my rhymes like Im on tour; They underarms sweaty. Casting out demons, placed hope in the sinner, unveiled satan, haters, and the pretenders. s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1404446587&sr=1-1&keywords=turn+up+by+miss+trinahttps://play.google.com/store/music/album/Miss_Trina_Turn_Up?

God has chosen to use Katrina 'Miss Trina' Benson as a vessel to bring forth His word in a way that will attract those whom are intrigued and flattered by the worldly music.

Miss Trina rapping style has been called 'Gangsta Gospel', it has been compared to hard music artist in the secular realm.

Katrina, tho seemly quiet, is very bold and courageous for Christ and her main focus is to warn the world that Jesus Christ is coming back!

Katrina's mission is to fulfill God's purpose for her life whether thru her music, plays, web series, or books, and everyday she thinks of new ways to master her God given craft.

Born and raised in the streets of Southeast, Washington DC; Miss Trina never thought she would be standing on the platform that she is now.

Miss Trina who's real name is Katrina Benson, is also an Published Author, Minister, Counselor, Playwright, Movie Writer, Director, Poet, Motivational Speaker, and Community Outreach Specialist.Miss Trina's books can be found on Amazon, Authorhouse,and Kindle.Please follow her ministry by joining her website today!!!Trina was born Katrina Laverne Taylor on December 3, 1978 in Miami, Florida of Dominican and Bahamian descent and attended Miami Northwestern Senior High School.n her spare time, Trina wrote rap rhymes, which caught the attention of Miami rapper Trick Daddy whom then approached her in 1998 to be featured on his song "Nann Nigga".The song was later released as the lead single from his second studio album, "com", which was released in September 1998.