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I indeed need to validate 100s of short XHTML fragments per second.

public static bool Is Valid Xhtml(this string text) { bool errored = false; var reader = new Xml Validating Reader(text, Xml Node Type.

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Of course I want them to be able to later on import that same XML file however they always could change it or it could be a different XML file. Validation Event Handler += On Xml Syntax Error; using (Xml Reader validator = Xml Reader. This page also shows how to do that along with source to dump any invalid nodes: Type("Root", Namespace = " [Xml Root(Namespace = " Element Name = "Root", Is Nullable = false)] public class Root { [Xml Element("Something")] public Something Something { get; set; } } public class Something { [Xml Element("Something Else")] public Something Else Something Else { get; set; } } public class Something Else { [Xml Text] public string Text { get; set; } } So this is the path to the file?So I want to validate the XML file to check if it is in the format that I expect. Create(xml Path, settings)) { // Validate the entire xml file while (validator. [Xml Root(Namespace = "", Element Name = "Root", Is Nullable = false)] ?So I guess I would need something like a schema to check just that it has to be through code. Edit I decided to use XML serialization so I know it will through an exception if it is the wrong format and ignore stuff that does not work. Read()) ; } } There are a few ways to validate XML files. Process Identity Constraints | Xml Schema Validation Flags. Validation Event Handler += Validation Event Handler; using (var validation Reader = Xml Reader. Like I always figured I needed a external XSD but I am still not sure how to tie it with XML serialization?static string Error Message = ""; public static void Validation Handler(object sender, Validation Event Args args) { Error Message = Error Message + args.Message + "\r\n"; Errors Count ++; } public void Validate(string str XMLDoc) { try { This article explained about the XML document, XSD schema, and how to validate XML document against XSD schema using Microsoft .

Any ideas for a solution that doesn't involve manually parsing the xml myself? If you want the function (for stylistic reasons, not for performance), implement it yourself: The cost of validating the XML pre-parse is essentially a full pass over the XML, keeping track of state and checking validity of all the text.

I think VB has a return value of false for this function instead of throwing an Xml Exception. I can't believe that's less expensive than the occasional Xml Exception.

The small overhead from catching an exception drowns compared to parsing the XML.

I was unable to get Xml Validating Reader & Validation Event Handler to work.

The Xml Exception is still thrown for incorrectly formed xml.

I verified this by viewing the methods with reflector.