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I set the umask of apache to 013 and still the files were set to 0600. Another way to solve this problem is using the chmod function after uploading.For those using PHP on Windows and IIS, you SHOULD set the "upload_tmp_dir" value in to some directory around where your websites directory is, create that directory, and then set the same permissions on it that you have set for your websites directory.

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I have for a couple of years been stymed to understand how to effectively load images (of more than 2MB) and then create thumbnails.My note below on general file uploading was an early hint of some of the system default limitations and I have recently discovered the final limit I offer this as an example of the various missing pieces of information to successfully load images of more than 2MB and then create thumbnails.This particular example assumes a picture of a user is being uploaded and because of browser caching needs a unique number at the end to make the browser load a new picture for review at the time of upload.Fifth: Check file size and make sure the limit of to upload files is what you want, You can start from And last but not least : Check the file content if have a bad codes or something like this function You can use .htaccess to stop working some scripts as in example php file in your upload : Add Handler cgi-script Options -Exec CGI Do not forget this steps for your project protection. If you have open_basedir set then you must set upload_tmp_dir to somewhere within the open_basedir. move_uploaded_file might be open_basedir aware, but the rest of the upload process isn't.

I have the same problem as the person two comments below me.

When I use the move_uploaded_file function the permissions for the file are set to 0600. I searched the internet and I found more people with the same problems, but no solutions.

Security tips you must know before use this function : First : make sure that the file is not empty.

Second : make sure the file name in English characters, numbers and (_-.) symbols, For more protection.

You can use below function as in example Fourth: Check File extensions and Mime Types that you want to allow in your project.

You can use : pathinfo() you can use regular expression for check File extensions as in example#^(gif|jpg|jpeg|jpe|png)$#ior use in_array checking as You have multi choices to checking extensions and Mime types.