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However in SQL Server, I am able to view the migrated data in string format.

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The default configuration uses an in-memory SQLite3 database which you probably want to change to something like Each client request needs to be authenticated.

This authentication is outside of the scope of the Yubico U2F Validation Server and can be handled by the webserver or some WSGI middleware.

Once authenticated, the client name should be set in the REMOTE_USER server environment variable.

I have an oracle 11g source which I hae migrated to SQL Server 2008 using SQL Server Migration assistant tool from microsoft.

The oracle source had a table that contained a long raw column.

The type mapping that was used for migration was long raw - varbinary(max).When I view the oracle data using SQL developer, the column is only showing RAW in every rows.You may need to use the built in PLSQL UTL_RAW package to read and compare the data.For info on how to use it see For info on how LONG RAW columns work in 11g in general see: Note that when working with older Oracle databases such as Oracle 8i, if your Oracle LONG RAW columns are greater than 32K you will not be able to use PLSQL to read them, and you must use another programming language to do it. The Yubico U2F Validation Server needs an SQL database to work.Optionally a memcached server can be used to store transient data which doesn’t need to be persisted to the database (if not available this data will be stored in the main database).