Updating verizon phone firmware

Disclaimer: Flashing a firmware is not without risks.If you don't do it properly, you might render your phone inoperable.

The software updates for your Verizon Wireless phone keep your roaming capabilities configured properly.

When you change plans or upgrade your roaming features, you need to complete a system update to activate the additional features.

Use the integrated update for the Preferred Roaming List to avoid the need for a Verizon Wireless service call.

This page delivers the latest official firmware for your LG Smartphone, both for open and subsidized handsets.

Flashing a cell phone is similar to installing a new operating system into your computer.

The main advantage of flashing your phone is to benefit from the features (and bug fixes) of the latest version of the operating system.

You might want to flash your phone if your carrier doesn't deliver the updates timely or if you want to get rid of provider bloatware.

Please note flashing is legal (thousands of people do it every day) but it might void your phone warranty.

For as long as smart phones has been around there has always been updates to their software.

Phone manufacturers has always been in a hurry to get new products out to a hungry audience waiting for the next big thing to hit the cell phone market.

As a consequence the phones will almost always be put out for sale before the quirks and errors has been taken out of the system.