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How To: Update your preferred roaming list (PRL) on your CDMA device PRL is a list that allows your phone to roam off of towers that are not part of your native network, such as a sprint phone connecting to a former Alltel tower if none of its own are available.

Because roaming agreements are constantly changing and new towers are added all the time, it's important to keep this list up to date.

If you own a CDMA version of the i Phone, you can update your roaming capabilities by dialing a number from your phone directly, which can increase your battery life while roaming, allow your i Phone to connect to additional roaming networks and decrease the amount of blocked and dropped calls.

Updating your roaming capabilities is not required if you own a Verizon LTE model of the i Phone 5 or an i Phone on a GSM network like T-Mobile or AT&T.

You can update the Preferred Roaming List on your Sprint i Phone by dialing ##873283# on your device.

That’s on an LG running 4.4.2, but I don’t have another device nearby to check to see if that is universal with Android or a carrier/OEM added setting.

A smart habit to acquire to lower your cell phone bill is updating your preferred roaming list (PRL) on a monthly basis.

Particularly if you travel a lot, this can save you a great deal of money as you can update your phone to use roaming networks that are location-specific.Verizon updates its technology and agreements with other service providers frequently to offer you better roaming service, but unless you manually update your phone you will not be able to take advantage of this.It basically tells your device the information it needs to contact to cell towers in your location and improve your coverage.Since the towers’ frequencies aren’t all the same, you will need a new PRL for the different frequencies.Usually the phone will update the PRL for you, but if you are travelling a lot you might want to update it manually from time to time in an attempt to get better coverage.Under Settings System Updates there is an an option to update the PRL manually on my phone.