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With PS4 firmware update 3.00 expected to launch in the coming weeks though, expect to know if this is real or not fairly soon.

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If I upgrade the firmware, will that completely remove hardware backwards compatibility for PS1 and PS2 games?

According to Wikipedia all firmwares can play PS1 games, but emulation for PS2 games seems to be a bit less clear.

Second, can I replace the internal hard disk with a custom one (something like a 1tb hitachi travelstar)?

I've found reports that the hard disks are user upgradable on wikipedia.

The Playstation 3 has some backwards compatibility with the Playstation 2.

The level of compatibility varies, depending on the model type and number of Playstation 3 and the version of the firmware it is running.Yesterday, we let you know about a screenshot taken from the Live From Play Station section on Play Station 4, which hinted at Play Station 2 games coming to PS4.While the original poster took the image down and claimed it as a fake, we were contacted by a tipster who wished to remain anonymous, and pointed towards the PS4 3.00 firmware beta, where PS2 game Since Sony has yet to make any official announcements about PS2 games on PS4, treat all of this as rumor for now — though don’t be surprised if it’s the real deal given all we’ve seen and read so far.I'm just trying to figure out the current "state of the union." While I can't comment on the state of backwards compatibility, I am relatively certain that there are no restrictions on installing a new SATA hard drive.The PS3 itself includes a tool to backup to an external hard drive and then to restore to your new internal drive once the upgrade is complete.I am located in the US so I'll be using an NTSC system.