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I have to design an application that will have a JTable, JText Field and Buttons. The input that user enters into the table should get stored into the database using an "insert" button(using JDBC).

I know how to connect to the database and how to insert stuff into it.

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I am trying to create simple application where JTable gets updated and refreshed after data is changed. 1)Class Main which contains JFrame, JTable details.2)Sample Table Model class which extends Abstract Table Model. I have JTable bound to an Observable List named 'categories', this is master table.Another (detail) table is bound to master table with the expression 'selected Element.materials List', this detail table gets refreshed perfectly ...java - JTable How to refresh table model after insert delete or update the data How to refresh a jtable and remove old data?java swing jtable Refresh netbeans Jtable Auto Refresh netbeans How to refresh (reload) a JTable ?

netbeans How can I refresh the contents in the JTable?

Heya guys, I am trying to make a desktop application for my assignment.

I currently use a "fire Table Cell Updated(row, col);" doo-hicky in my Abstract Table Model(whenever data is changed) that I thought would do the trick, but I guess not.

I'm not so skilled with the Java/GUI programming stuff, so let me know what other information you might need to know to solve this problem.

Unrelated Problem: Does anyone know how to change the color of the numbers on a JSlider?

(I've tried set Background() and set Foreground()) peace.