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Although the Amaro Law Firm preferred to try the case, it is ultimately up to the client to accept or reject offers based upon our legal evaluation.

Here, the client opted to settled and not take the risk of trial after weighing the pros and cons of the risks in a jury trial.

After nearly two years of litigation with Allstate in a case where a woman ran a red light and broadsided our client, they finally agreed to pay for her medical bills and other damages as result of this wreck.

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The night before trial, Allstate’s lawyers called the Amaro Law Firm to settle this lawsuit arising from a wreck where a woman rear ended our client in north Houston.

Both vehicles were moving, but the Defendant tried to blame our client by claiming she cut her off.

However, her story did not add up and the Amaro Law Firm was able to punch large holes in her story so that the other side realized their exposure at trial.

Many of these cases have settled for substantial sums of money.

The summaries are intentionally brief and omit confidential material relating to the identity of the parties and the amounts of settlements.

Further, this list does not include every single one of the cases our firm has settled or tried to verdict, but only includes summaries of the more significant and recent cases this firm has handled for information purposes.

Because every case is different, we encourage you to contact us about your case for a free and confidential consultation at 1-877-892-2797. Results depend on the type of case and many other issues.