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By Grace Fleming According to research conducted by the Center for Academic Integrity, cheating is widespread in high schools, and it has been for years.The report from 2005 states that more than 70% of students surveyed admitted to taking part in some type of serious cheating, and nearly 60% said they had plagiarized from Internet sources. Many of those cheaters from past surveys have graduated now.CNN published That was the popular rationalization, it seems. Put yourself in the following circumstances, then ask yourself again.

Network and Telecommunication Service Request Form - This form is to be used for any telephone service/upgrade requests and all requests pertaining to faculty, staff and educational College network connections.

Directory Updates - This form should be used to update or change information that will be displayed on your phone extension, on your voicemail mailbox and the email address book.

The changes will be reflected in the SCCC Telephone Directory, the SCCC Online Directory and the Global Address Book in email.

This page is for the Faculty, Staff and Students of SCCC.

Office Move/Relocation Service -This includes moving computers,and/or phones.

All moves MUST be approved by your academic chair and college associate dean.

Desktop Service Request Form - This form is to be used for all requests pertaining to College computer hardware and software maintenance/upgrades.

We may think that cheating is harmless, but it's not.

Every day we put our lives in the hands of professionals.

Wouldn't we feel a lot better if we knew there was less cheating in the world?

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