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Portraying him the way we did turned out much better. " Some say that the lack of LGBT representation on TV plays a part in the bullying epidemic we're seeing across the country. I think creating an unstereotypical gay character like Teddy was beneficial.Teddy was a jock, boy next door, popular, an overall good dude, loved by guys and girls. He wasn't a chronic protester or complainer, but he spoke up when he needed to and didn't let people discriminate or take advantage of him.

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But seriously, you can't miss it, you will feel something watching it, like tingles, goose bumps, and be like Substance returns!Teddy is one of TV's most unstereotypical gay characters.Did anyone, on the show or off, ask you to "gay it up"? They saw it worked the way I played him and didn't mess with it. Bad parenting mixed with being a jerky teenager and lack of positive role models are a few other reasons.'s Trevor Donovan tweeted that he was hoping to take a picture "kissing her on the cheek." PHOTOS: Beverly Hills, 90210 stars, then and now The two stars first met when they shot on an OP ad campaign in early 2010, and given Agron's recent split with Sebastian Stan, the 33-year-old actor saw the dinner as his opportunity to make a move."Trevor spent the night flirting with Dianna, who really didn't seem interested," an onlooker tells Us Weekly.

Despite sharing two Blue Moon beers by the bar, Agron steered clear of the six-foot-two actor once dinner was served.

VIDEO: Matt Lanter spills 90210's biggest secrets Though Agron, 25, managed to put on a brave face during the event, a source tells Us her ex, 28, is still reeling from their breakup. He liked her and definitely tried to make it work the best he could," says the source of the bicoastal stars.

Trevor Donovan shows off his ripped physique while going shirtless at the beach in Malibu for this super sexy new photo shoot, provided exclusively to Just!

The 36-year-old actor stripped down for his role as Ty Hunter in the upcoming television series , based on the book of the same name by Thomas Caplan.

The story follows “movie star Ty Hunter, an A-list idol whose past as a covert operative leads to his recruitment by the President of the United States to stop the trafficking of illicit nuclear weapons, reigniting a clandestine career where Hunter’s fame becomes his cover,” according to Deadline.

Teddy finds out he has a scorching case of killer herpes and goes back to warn everyone he slept with. Kidding, but yes, it appears there will be a season 5. Only three people know: Mark Pedowitz, the president of CW, the writers, and the third, uh, who's the third one, I can't, sorry, oops, wonder how many readers will get that reference.