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Law enforcement families live in constant fear that a supervisor will knock on their door in the middle of a shift to bring devastating and life-changing news.

Such situations can create isolation and turn emotions into anger and resentment, which can push a couple further apart.Couples who fail to communicate often drift apart and seek an emotional connection elsewhere that can lead to infidelity and ultimately divorce.Law Enforcement Job Stress That Affects the Marriage Some studies indicate that as much as 13% of LEOs suffer from different stages of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (Matthews, 2011).PTSD can lead to eating disorders, irritability, flashbacks, and nightmares.When a spouse witnesses an emotional episode of PTSD it can be a very frightening experience.

Often times the fear is escalated by the fact that a spouse may be in the dark about what is causing their partner’s episode, because the officer never talked with them about it.

The research conducted on law enforcement marriage rates has mixed conclusions.

Being married to a law enforcement officer (LEO) has its challenges.

Officers tend to work long hours, work rotating shifts, have part-time jobs (moonlight), and be required to attend court on their days off.

All these factors contribute to officers’ constantly missing family events and delaying holidays or other celebrations because of their work schedules.

Then, of course, there is the inherent fear and worry about an officer’s safety while on the job.