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Usually after sleepless nights spent on the Internet, people complain of fatigue and digestive problems.Meanwhile, despite the obvious disadvantages, which follow night online communication, anyone hardly gives up this habit, experts state.

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Nightlife communication on the network threatens depression and obesity In today's world there are many tools, forms and methods of communication, and a considerable part of them is somehow connected with modern technical features which, in particular, are represented by using a global computer network - Internet.

This is primarily due to the fact that in the last century humanity has committed a huge leap in the development of science and technology, which has opened up new Around the world, it has become fashionable to sit at night continuously, corresponding to the texts.

Doctors are alarming: it causes serious health complications.

Especially adolescents and young people are at risk.

In turn, few people know, but nightly gatherings increase the risk of gaining weight and provoke depression.

In fact, emotional fatigue is also possible, except that it is difficult for the brain to concentrate.

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