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And if you are stuck the blog you are reading now offers nearly 50 different scenarios for the game.

is now available for download at Ariane

There is a lot of downloading going on , so it may take a while to load the 180MB file, but I have not heard any complaints that the download is not working.

This new update has 30 new images, mainly from the dress memory game, but also 6 changed html pages.This means that one or two situations may have changed.Over the next days I will play the walkthroughs all over again and when they pass the test the 7.2 logo will appear at the top right corner of the page. What a splendid occasion to have another go at the first adventure of Ariane B that can still be found at arianeb dot com, playable online or as a download: Go on a virtual date with me, Ariane .The first of April gave us a new update for the Ariane B dating simulator, and as we know her to be a serious girl this is not a prank.The seventh incarnation of this game has already been enhanced a couple of times. : when the first Ariane B dating simulator was made the Creator borrowed a few backgrounds from existing games, like the Sims and Second Life.

He found it about time to get rid of those, you never know what the copyright police are up to.: as its sequel, Something's In The Air (SITA), will have other interiors and landscapes the upgrade maintains the continuity between both games. Something's In The Air will start were Date Ariane ended and will take that quite literally.This is not the USS Enterprise that changes elevator shafts every bloody movie. Date Ariane 7.2 gives the player a code when the game ends and this code will be fed into the game at the start of SITA.Here is how the official Ariane blog tries to explain this: Basically, at the end of every complete date, you are given up to five hexadecimal digits which define your first date experience.You will then have the opportunity to type that number at the beginning of the sequel and the sequel will be catered to that first date. This gobbledygook really means that Ariane will be able to say things like 'you haven't seen my pool yet, have you?' if you failed to have some skinny dipping in chapter one.