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"I bought this [photograph] on a recent trip to Amsterdam.The antiques street by the newly reopened Rijks Museum was staggeringly over-priced.

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The seller told me that the image came from an estate linked with the Ritter family.The white sticker is apparently from the family and reads "Vermoedelijk Mevrouw Gowthorpe geb.Boer" which translates as "Presumably Mrs Gowthorpe nee Boer" (thanks to Stereomania for the first word - [...]).As Sepia Saturday adepts undoubtedly know the second Saturday of January has been proclaimed Auntie Miriam Saturday.For those unaware of this memorable day, it is in the Sepia Saturday Rule Book, the gospel for all Sepians. I like to dedicate this post to her but I never belonged to her inner circle. I know she was related to Alan, I know she was fond of visiting the North Sea beach probably near Great Yarmouth and that she had a boarding house there. Obviously I can allow myself to be carried away on the waves of my fantasy.

Subjects such as the quality of bathing suit fabrics or exhibitionism come to mind. Therefore, I decided to concentrate on a different lady who is also unknown to me.

It is a lady who lived in The Hague near the seaside resort Scheveningen.

If you look at the map, Scheveningen is on the eastern side of the North Sea wheres Great Yarmouth is directly opposite, on the western side of that same sea.

So you see, there is a connection between the two ladies. While wandering over the internet, I ran into the Flickr account of one James Morley.

Judging by the pictures he is showing I guess he is a countryman of Alan.

He does have an interest in old pictures and he a.o. Being interested in genealogy my curiosity was aroused.