The dating game novel

Many women dream of finding the perfect man and living happily ever after -the hard part is making those dreams a reality. Have you been wondering lately, "what am I doing wrong" or "why did he disappear when everything was going so well." Maybe you've begun to question all together if there's really someone out there just for you Dating coach, motivational speaker and Author of the book, "The Dating Game: How To Find Yourself While Looking For Mr.Right" Shawnda Patterson uses letters written to her from her viewers, humor and practical tips to guide you in avoiding the pitfalls of wasting your best years on the wrong man.

The author undertook to learn the ways of pickup artists for a year, ended up becoming one of the greatest pickup artists in the world (according to an internal rating), developed his own system, and eventually stepped out.

He then wrote a book about his experiences, triggering a massive outpouring of additional pickup methods, books, how-to’s, workshops, dating coaching seminars, etc.

Before I get into why I think it is unfair to criticize, I want to explain a little bit about pickup, at least what I could understand from reading the book.

The most important point is that the ‘rules of The Game’ are set by women.

They have tried doing what women say they want and found nothing but rejection.

Then they hear of some guy saying he can teach them how to be successful with women, whether that means sleeping around, finding the girl of their dreams and marrying her, or simply being able to talk to women without freezing up.It is difficult to convey to a woman just how redemptive that promise is to a guy who would break into cold sweats at the sight of any female.Strauss was not the first to refer to dating as The Game, and considering the hoops women make men jump through (often without our knowledge) I feel it is an apt descriptor.Generally, the men who get into pickup are considerate but bumbling nerds, socially awkward but romantic college students, and older men who have given their wives all of their attention only to be divorced for some jerk.In short, all those adorable nice guys women say they want all the time but are never actually attracted to (to paraphrase Strauss).Yes, some of them are bitter, but the characters in the book are more often simply at the end of the their rope.