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June 5, 2005 Version 1WWW Glenster's Glimpse into .oooooo..o d8P' `Y8 Y88bo. Pdescobar's way to explore areas that create a wanted rating without creating a wanted rating Infinite spray from spray can during "Tagging Up Turf" by In Fe Rn Us92 Invincible C. III.11 Kill Criminals III.12 Inside Track Betting The Horse Races gimmick III.13 Save houses III.13.a Storing a Sea Sparrow on top of the N. The pedestrians sometimes ran into walls then bent over like they were throw- ing up in "Vice City"; I haven't seen them do that in "San Andreas," but if you feed C. There are a lot more clothes in SA, although I've usually had Tommy in his de- fault blue jeans and shirt, and I've had C. It offers some variety, if not as much novel variety (such as having an old lady, or sexy young one, beat up a bunch of big thugs in VC). The spinning propellers don't look as good, the escalators don't work (unless C. is on one of the bikes or lighter motorcycles), the red radar screens don't revolve, and none of the lighthouses have lights that revolve, as in "Vice City." The SA pedestrian's mouths move when they talk, but not like in "Ma- fia"--it's sort of like a 1950's wax museum of the Presidents of the United States made by an Asian company with a cheap translator.

let Claude leave Portland early, use Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle for the lead player of "III," how to pick the version of "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven" you run, and some GTA clones you might try I.12 Glitches I.12.a Problem glitches Cures for the gym and basketball glitches Pdescobar's cure for the Taxi mission glitch The extra gang territory glitch Hmvartak's Online Glitch Repair Tool System error's advice at GTA Forums regarding various other glitches The Fire Extinguisher glitch The Xoomer garage and Flips glitches I.12.b Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc. III.3 Weapons 8 Ball's Bomb Shop III.4 Armor and Bribes III.4.a When Armor, Health, Bribe, and weapon pickups, and fast food vendor booth markers, reappear III.5 Maximum Stats of all kinds in one sitting and the fastest way to raise weapon Stats on PS2 III.6 Cycling Stat (bicycle) Bicycles reverse faster, C. stays on a bike better, and he can Bunny Hop higher III.7 The Commerce 24/7 Courier Asset Mission, aka the Roboi's Food Mart Asset Mission III.8 BMX Challenge III.9 The Taxi Driver mission (a Sub-mission) 50 fares unlimited NOS Boost for Taxis and Cabbies III.10 "Burglary" (a Sub-mission) Burglary isn't needed for 100% completion of the game, but I'd consider it more important than some such options since it offers the infinite sprint as a reward. The little Dodo that always flew around in the sky has been replaced by a variety of planes that sometimes run into the ground and blow up, but they're just as capable of being blown up by a Rocket Launcher. Some of the shadows move across the scenery, including at night, even when the only light source, the moon in the S, doesn't move. When some of the "San Andreas" women get up from a beach towel or lounging in Glen Park, they may do a little of the sashay some of the "Vice City" women did. I guess it replaces being able to use the "stilllikedressingup" code in VC. can't use clothes to morph to a motorcycle or wear a cop outfit to go onto a military base without a wanted rating, but a hat, shades, or something for torso or legs can remove not just two but any number of wanted stars. Some things, like distant sections of the road, come into focus as the lead character approaches them like in the PC version of the game "Ma- fia." Compared to before, vehicles with fixed locations may not show up till the lead character has gone by the spot two or three times, and his latest ve- hicle is more prone to disappear.

Winstein (glenster1 at Gamefaqs and IGN, and glenster at Super Cheats, Stuck Gamer, neoseeker, 1UP, My Cheats, Gamers Hell, Gamer Help, Game Revo- lution, and Game Border) glenster (who's at) This walk-through, with active links for the web addresses I use, is at: "Back" to return from any of the links there--if you "X" it out, you'll exit the web page. The Micro SMG, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, and Grenades are available at the Xoomer garage in Doherty, San Fierro V.1.b Weapon gathering V.2 Save houses V.3 Barber and Tattoo shops V.4 Weapons V.5 Armor and Bribes V.6 Oysters V.7 Mount Chiliad Challenge to (three races) V.7.a Race 1 Scotch Bonnet Yellow route V.7.b Race 2 Birdseye Winder Yellow route V.7.c Race 3 Cobra Run V.8 Hippy Shopper Courier Asset Mission (four stages) V.9 NRG-500 Challenge V.10 Blood Bowl (Corvin Stadium) (like Bloodring but with drive-bys) A Bloodring Banger will be by Corvin Stadium V.11 San Fierro Gym Get stamina and muscle past the buff stage, and beat the trainer to get martial arts moves V.12 Beat the Cock 1st of two triathlons Not needed for 100% completion V.13 Some non-mission vehicle locations V.14 Make a copy of your save game &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& VI The main story missions of the Badlands and San Fierro The Badlands missions VI.1 Badlands C. ******** The Casino missions continued VIII.20 "You've Had Your Chips" The Four Dragons Casino VIII.21 "Don Peyote" The Four Dragons Casino Combat Shotgun ,000 at Ammu-Nations VIII.22 "Intensive Care" Caligula's Palace VIII.23 "Misappropriation" C. IX.2 "Vertical Bird" Carl Johnson The Hydra is in a hanger at Verdant Meadows, in the NE area of Area 69, which has two, and on the E end of the Easter Basin aircraft carrier. ******** The Riots missions IX.7 "Riot" Carl Johnson IX.8 "Los Desperados" Carl Johnson IX.9 "End of the Line" Sweet Johnson 100% completion IX.10 Make a copy of your save game &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& X Basic skins, modding (use at your own risk), music, and screen shot tutorial Modding section Special note about "San Andreas" v.2 Rockstar support for modding X.1 Compressed File Utility X.2 Web sites for skins and mods X.3 Mods X.4 Un-check the green dot 1st X.5 Make backups (and where to find other SA backup files) X.6 Tools: The IMG Tool v.2 IMG The TXD Workshop CFG Studio 2 The GTA: San Andreas GXT Editor The San Andreas Ultimate Editor X.7 Installing most car, bike, or pedestrian mods: changing and files X.8 Skin viewing and editing X.9 Women X.9.a The Hot Coffee mod X.9.b Other hidden San Andreas pedestrians Dee Zire's "Things To Do in San Andreas 'Till You're Dead (Volume 1)" mod X.9.c The Nude Girlfriends mod X.9.d How to change the way they walk X.10 Cars and bikes (TGIOPC) X.10.a How to change their wheels X.10.b How to change their mass, ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface, ability to survive in water, cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration, suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz X.10.c Game play advantages X.10.d Making vehicles weaker or stronger X.10.e How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Freeway X.10.f How to change their colors X.10.g How to change their on-screen names X.10.h How to change the traction of surfaces X.11 Weapons and Attackers How to lessen or beef up the severity of attacks X.12 Helicopters How to make a helicopter easier to fly X.13 Miscellaneous mods, etc.

`888P"Y88b d88' `888 `888""8P d88' `88b `P )88b d88( "8 .88ooo Dodo. (Thanks already to Ernie Kovaks.) Oriented for the original PC version with the Mouse and Keyboard Configuration and Mouse Controlled Steering by Glen T. Two of four Ammu-Nation Challenges are avail- able, but you need four in a row to complete the mission and the 4th isn't available till Las Venturas opens up IV.26 "Los Sepulcros" Sweet Johnson The last of the 1st batch of Los Santos missions IV.27 "Reuniting the Families" Sweet Johnson Two opportunities to enter the off-limits areas without a wanted rating IV.28 "The Green Sabre" Sweet Johnson Cesar tips C. to the sight of Big Smoke and Ryder with a couple of Ballas, officer Tenpenny, and officer Pulas- ki, who drives the green Sa- bre used when C. The Badlands and San Fierro are officially open The Badlands and Red County save houses are now available &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& V The Badlands and San Fierro Preliminaries V.1.a Snapshots 50 Use the camera you're given in IV.28--it has an unlimited amount of film. the Jetpack is available The Casino missions VIII.17 "Fender Ketchup" The Four Dragons Casino VIII.18 "Explosive Situation" The Four Dragons Casino Opens The Heist missions and Hunter Quarry missions ******** Hunter Quarry Asset missions VIII.19.a Mission 1 VIII.19.b Mission 2 VIII.19.c Mission 3 VIII.19.d Mission 4 VIII.19.e Mission 5 VIII.19.f Mission 6 VIII.19.g Mission 7 Hunter Quarry makes ,000 a day and max. You can download a fix for the PC version of it (I.12).

") Don't adjust your sets--I'm the one with the draw distance problem. The Sweet missions continued IV.25 "Doberman" Sweet Johnson C. can take territories from gangs, but any taken are lost after "The Green Sabre" Ammu-Nations are open Body Armor 0, 9mm Pistol 0, Silenced 9mm Pistol 0, Tec9 0, Micro SMG 0, SMG ,000, Shotgun 0, Sawnoff Shotgun 0, and Grenades 0, are at Ammu-Nation. VII.15 Beat the Cock 2nd of two triathlons Not needed for 100% completion VII.16 Some non-mission vehicle locations VII.17 Make a copy of your save game &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& VIII The Desert and Las Venturas The Desert The Toreno missions VIII.1 "Monster" Mike Toreno VIII.2 "Highjack" Mike Toreno VIII.3 "Interdiction" Mike Toreno VIII.4 "Verdant Meadows" Mike Toreno Jethro calls about street races-- four checkered flag icons appear VIII.5 Buy Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard ,000 opens next mission C. can get six wanted stars Two Rhinos are available at Area 69 The Airstrip missions VIII.6 "Learning to Fly" (Pilot School) VIII.6.a "Takeoff VIII.6.b "Land Plane" VIII.6.c "Circle Airstrip" VIII.6.d "Circle Airstrip and Land" VIII.6.e "Helicopter Takeoff" VIII.6.f "Land Helicopter" VIII.6.g "Destroy Targets" VIII.6.h "Loop-the-Loop" VIII.6.i "Barrel Roll" VIII.6.j "Parachute onto Target" All bronze awards--the Rustler at Verdant Meadows All silver awards--the Stuntplane at Verdant Meadows All gold awards--the Hunter at Verdant Meadows and Easter Basin The Four Dragons Casino is a free save place Wu Zi calls with work at the Four Dragons Casino VIII.6.k How to jack a Rhino from Area 69 ******** VIII.7 Buy the remaining save houses VIII.8 Clothes The Victim clothes store is open ******** VIII.9 Los Santos Race Tournaments VIII.9.a "Lowrider Race" VIII.9.b "Little Loop" VIII.9.c "Backroad Wanderer" VIII.9.d "City Circuit" VIII.9.e "Vinewood" VIII.9.f "Freeway" VIII.9.g "Into the Country" VIII.9.h "Badlands A" VIII.9.i "Badlands B" VIII.10 San Fierro Race Tournaments VIII.10.a "Dirtbike Danger" VIII.10.b "Bandito County" VIII.10.c "Go-Go Carting" VIII.10.d "San Fierro Fastlane" VIII.10.e "San Fierro Hills" VIII.10.f "Country Endurance" VIII.11 Las Venturas Race Tournaments (Cars) VIII.11.a "San Fierro to Las Venturas" VIII.11.b "Dam Rider" VIII.11.c "Desert Tricks" VIII.11.d "Las Venturas Ringroad" VIII.12 Las Venturas Race Tournaments (Aircraft) VIII.12.a "World War Aces" VIII.12.b "Barnstorming" VIII.12.c "Military Service" VIII.12.d "Chopper Checkpoint" VIII.12.e "Whirly Bird Waypoint" VIII.12.f "Heli Hell" ******** The Airstrip missions continued VIII.13 "N. E." VIII.14 "Stowaway" VIII.15 "Black Project" The 1st part of the mission The layout of the interior of Area 69 The 2nd part of the mission SAM sites: blowing them up, the blind spot between them, and fun with SAM sites the Desert Eagle is at Ammu-Nations ,200 the Thermal Goggles are available VIII.16 "Green Goo" the airstrip will make ,000 a day and max. The basketball doesn't always appear at all courts, and the glitch may come and go, anyway.

)88b o88o o8888o o888o o888o `YMbododo" d888b `Y8bod8P' `Y888""8o 8""888P' The Glenmeister's Grand Andreas Playing the Steinway Grand The Glenman's Gotta Whole Lot o' Auto San Las Los the cosmos co-starring the li'l Dodo Rated just O (for "Oo-oo! VI.2 First Date Catalina cut scene--she wants to rob four places VI.3 Tanker Commander Catalina Opens RS Haul Trucking Asset Mission The Truth calls ******** The RS Haul Trucking Asset mission (part one) VI.4.a 1. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& VII The Desert and Las Venturas Preliminaries VII.1 Save houses VII.2 Barber and Tattoo shops The Redsands East tattoo parlor is available VII.3 Ammu-Nation and weapons VII.4 Armor and Bribes VII.5 Oysters VII.6 Bayside Marina Boat School VII.6.a "Basic Seamanship" VII.6.b "Plot a Course" VII.6.c "Fresh Slalom" VII.6.d "Flying Fish" VII.6.e "Land, Sea, and Air" VII.7 RS Haul Trucking Asset Mission (final two missions) VII.7.a Mission 7 VII.7.b Mission 8 VII.8 Horseshoes 0 x 50 and 0,000 The Combat Shotgun, Remote Explosive, M4, and SMG are in front of The Four Dragons Casino VII.9 Las Venturas Bike School VII.9.a "360" VII.9.b "180" VII.9.c "Wheelie" VII.9.d "Jump and Stop" VII.9.e "Stoppie" VII.9.f "Jump and Stoppie" VII.10 Burger Shot Courier Asset Mission (4 runs) VII.11 Kick start and Dirt Track (Blackfield Stadium) VII.12 The Freight Train mission ,000 and free train rides VII.13 The Ammu-Nation "Shooting Range Challenge" VII.13.a "Pistol Challenge" VII.13.b "SMG Challenge" VII.13.c "Shotgun Challenge" VII.13.d "AK47 Challenge" VII.14 Las Venturas Gym Stamina and Muscle should be past the buff stage, so beat the trainer to get kick boxing moves. VIII.24 "The Meat Business" Caligula's Palace VIII.25 "Fish in a Barrel" The Four Dragons Casino VIII.26 "Madd Dogg" Madd Dogg VIII.27 "Freefall" Caligula's Palace VIII.28 "High Noon" C. If you want to save in the area, save at the mansion nearby.

Mulholland garage III.14 Weapon Stats and Gang Respect III.14.a Initial weapon gathering III.14.b What weapon upgrading does III.14.c Upgrading weapon skills while earning Respect III.15 Recruiting gang members C. has more moves for all, and can dual wield some, weapons, and, with more Respect, can recruit up to seven gang members III.16 Lung Capacity III.17 Oysters Good for Sex Appeal III.18 Sex Appeal Oo-oo! And the occurrence of enter-able and funny places is more spread out just to give the flying things more to fly over.

The wardrobe glitch by bamspeedy1298 III.19 Flying Stat The airport opens, flying vehicles handle better, and C. gets a Parachute if he bails III.20 Bike Stat (motorcycle) C. stays on a motorcycle better III.21 Driving Stat C. An exception is that there are a lot of bathrooms but they're bland-looking and C. can't even interact with the sinks (but see X.9.b).

J.'s four-wheel vehicles handle better III.22 Pimping Mission (a Sub-mission) level 10 Hookers pay C. GTA Phreak's Pimping and Vigilante vehicle health boost gimmick III.23 Firefighter Mission (a Sub-mission) level 12 C. gets the fire- proof feature, good for using Molotovs III.24 Vigilante Mission (a Sub-mission) level 12 C. gets 150 Armor The N San Fierro Cluckin' Bell Vigilante gimmick III.25 Paramedic Mission (a Sub-mission) level 12 maximum Health III.25.a Firetruck, Vigilante, and Paramedic mission pay III.26 8-Track Los Santos Forum A Hotring Racer and a Monster Truck are available III.27 Some non-mission vehicle locations and Orion_SR's explanation of how impound garages work III.28 Make a copy of your save game &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& IV The main story missions of Los Santos continued The Sweet missions IV.1 "Tagging Up Turf" Sweet Johnson The basketball game is available IV.2 "Cleaning the Hood" Sweet Johnson IV.3 "Drive-Thru" Sweet Johnson Opens all three Gyms IV.4 Los Santos gym Build Stamina and Muscle fast and beat the trainer for boxing moves. missions IV.21 "Management Issues" OG Loc The "Management Issues" way to make a copy of C. "North Point Mall" was a funny take on a suburban mall, but I'd probably just drive past the SA interiors, and a slot machine isn't as funny as a pinball machine could be.

HTML file I.5.a Criminal Rating I.5Increasing the Criminal Rating The fastest way to get "King of San Andreas" How to make the fastest way available from the start of the game I.5.b Health in relationship to Stats I.5.c Player--Muscle and Fat Stats I.5.d Player--Stamina and Lung Capacity Stats I.5.e Player--Total Respect and Sex Appeal Stats I.5.f Player--vehicle Stats I.5.g Player--Pilot Ranking I.5.h Player--Gambling and Luck Stats I.5.i Weapons I.5.j Crimes--Total number of wanted stars attained and evaded I.5.k Crimes--Criminals wasted I.5.l Crimes--Gang members wasted I.5.m Crimes--Cost of property damaged I.5.n Gangs I.5.o Achievements--Flight time I.5.p Mission--Mission Attempts/Missions Passed I.5.q Miscellaneous--Progress made I.6.a Some distinctions between the PS2 and original PC versions I.6.b Adapters for PS2 and Xbox controllers I.6.c Gamepad controls ******** I.7 Controls A couple of instant replays that should have been (and other odd moments) WTF screenshots ******** I.7.a Foot Controls Note: I remap Spacebar and Left Shift Foot Controls so each does the job of the other--so Jump is Spacebar and Run is Left Shift, like for "Vice City." I.7Climbing trees I.7Taking Photographs I.7.b Initial fight moves Controls I.7Having C. punch his neighbors to get to know them I.7.c Swimming Controls Walking, driving, and flying underwater Swimming mania hits San Andreas ******** I.7.d Vehicle Controls Note: I remap Horn from Caps Lock to Left Shift--same reason. J.'s gang members to drive or fly on PC by GTA_Phreak "Stowaway" earthquake glitch by Mike_Toreno Make any vehicle explosion and bullet-proof by gtamike123 How to cause a Packer toss by Redtier999666 and Webdude06 Rhino glitch by Jrmie Blanc Boat flinging by Haro 5th Quarry mission Double Insane stat by Flannel Menace Crane gimmicks Kill a crowd by killing one of the people in it by spaaceeinstein Auto-aim the Minigun by Mr Killer Destroying an Artificial Intelligence-guided helicopter with one shot from a Sniper Rifle, one Hand Granade, or several Molotovs by voodoochild19, The Tank, and GTA_Phreak Infinite ammo by 2Shores Fiery ballistic pool balls Burglary ski mask outside of the Burglary mission by The Demon Burglarizing Freddy's house by lord fido Basketballs aplenty by gamefarter I.13 Radio I.14 Codes I.15 Video walk-through/people who help with missions/entire games "Done Quick" I.16 How to get as much done as possible before starting the main missions Four star survival guides (and cycle jumps) by Orion_SR and rubregg Airborne bribes How to open the fast food places before doing the main missions Flying vehicles available early and how to keep them from blowing up &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& II The beginning II.1 "The Introduction" II.2 "The San Andreas Theme Song" Lyrics by Young May Lay II.3 Los Santos 1st main missions II.4 "In The Beginning" The Johnson garage is free and immediately available II.5 "Big Smoke" Carl Johnson II.6 "Sweet and Kendl" Carl Johnson The Johnson house is available A Camera is in C. It's gone from being a funny option to being like the Gasometer (gas station) mod for "Vice City": it keeps interrupting things to make the lead character get into a shaft of light and make his money goes down. can climb, including the trees that rest on square flat boxes, such as along the sidewalks of the couple of blocks N of Avispa Country Club--to have him do it, have him jump from beyond a corner of the base to the highest of the bottom limbs. This can be interesting in playing at making a movie, but it isn't as good for aiming, something GTA's Mouse Steering was especially good for. The way just a tap of acceleration sent the "camera" looking ahead of the ve- hicle in "Vice City" was better than pressing acceleration and crashing into things, like Police cars, while the "San Andreas" "camera" slowly looks ahead of the vehicle, or having to press the RMB and turn the mouse, or have C. look behind himself for a moment, to aim the "San Andreas" "camera" forward. would have a problem from running into something be- fore they get to a vehicle door, I don't remember Tommy having such a problem finding the door otherwise. And if someone made a mod to make the instant replays have the slow motion of the Unique Jumps and a variety of "camera" angles, show the fire trails from ve- hicles on fire and the turning of motorcycle wheels, and keep the lead charact- er's legs from looking so jittery in motorcycle replays, like the ones in "Vice City," I'd grab that right up. You might see them run not only over but under each other, like some strange way worms mate or something. J.'s bike skill up, so he's a lot less liable to fall off his bike, you can even turn it around by running it into a wall.

), at: Icey, who appears in the "Rockstar support for modding" section, let me run this walk-through through a parser, so it could have active links not only for the Internet sites that open in separate windows but the chapter designations, which makes navigating this daunting thing a lot easier (special thanks to Icey! ******** CONTENTS I Introduction I.1 Paying tributes and having things in common I.2 PC Health I.2.a Clean your disk, disk player, and PC I.2.b Get your hard drive clean and in order I.2.c Use the latest updates I.2.d Turn off unnecessary applications before running the game and use only one processor core I.2.e Take-Two Games web site and support, the v 1.01 patch, and v.2 and the Special Edition I.2.f Tweak guides I.2.g Volume I.2.h System requirements I.2.i PC hardware and software on a budget I.3 How to save games I.3.a The convenience of copies of your GTA San Andreas User File I.3.b Glenster's Go On, San Andreas v.1 Mission Select Save Games I.3.c Some advice about saving the game How to use save games from v.1 for v.2 and vice versa I.3.d An application that tells you your mission completion status, and shows you, on a map, which Tags, Oysters, Snapshots, Horseshoes, and Jumps you need to tend to I.3.e A mod that shows you the locations of items left to find on your radar I.3.f 100% completion guide I.4 Settings I.5 Stats How to check the Stats STATS . 3 by most anyone who's observant, which, at times, includes me Invincible ped by GTAFAN4LIFE Invincible gang member by gtamike123 and digimetal Invisible gang member 1 by xspudx Invisible gang member 2 by gtamike123 and Drizz Invisible Vagos How to make the Flint trailer park photographers appear Lemmings gimmick 1 Lemmings gimmick 2 Lemmings gimmick 3 How to make the Jetpack appear at a save place beyond the airstrip Invincible Police Mavericks by spaceeinstein and GTA_Phreak How to enter the Verdant Meadows "Stowaway" Andromada by El Petone The Vortex submarine gimmick by FYREWOLF88, Orion_SR, and GTA Phreak How to jack a police helicopter by GTA Phreak How to get C. And there's always more XI.a Unique Jumps XI.b Girlfriends and jealous girlfriends XI.c Basketball XI.d Video games XI.e Gambling &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& I Introduction A few things I've noticed about "San Andreas" are different than in "Vice City." Besides SA being bigger, C. needs to use the food system or his Health will go down. Where previously you swiveled the standing lead player around, "cam- era" behind them, with one move of the mouse, you now swivel the "camera" around the standing lead player, and, as you move him with the keyboard, the "camera" gets behind him again. leaves a vehicle, and trying to aim a fast Banshee while admiring the view behind it during "Burn and Lap," are a couple of examples of situations I've heard a lot of complaints about. run in a circle then go all around the vehicle before he gets in, which is fun when you're in a hurry....

While you're there, you might want see if you find any useful information in "Glenster's Guide to GTJ Brooklyn," which is also at the next link: Game Revolution has this walk-through, with active links that open web sites in separate windows (special thanks to Tim! At least that works if you have Windows XP Home Edition--(update): or Vista Home Premium Edition. IX.3 "Home Coming" Carl Johnson IX.4 "Cut Throat Business" Carl Johnson The Grove Street missions IX.5 "Beat Down on B-Dup" Sweet Johnson IX.6.a "Grove 4 Life" Sweet Johnson ******** IX.6.b Territory takeover You need 35% (about 19) or more of the gang territories to finish the game. X.13.s rc vehicles (drivable) X.13.t Spurtster X.13.u Heavens on Earth X.13.v The Homie Mod X.13.w Grove Gang Revision Mod X.13.x 2 Player Mod X.13.y Easter Bay Aircraft Carrier Beta 2 X.13.z Jarra Mono Arsenal v1.3 X.13Detailed Radar mod X.13Holla Back Girl X.131963 Chevrolet Corvette X.13Half-Life 2 Buggy X.13SCM Hook X.13PLPynton's mission mods X.13Pillager X.13Audio Toolkit X.13The All In One Mod X.131957 Chevrolet Bel Air X.13Transfender Fix X.13Chain game save games X.13Unmodded weapons remake X.13CLEO mods X.13Parkour mod X.13Mod requests X.14 Music MP3s and wav files How to save hard disk space with shortcuts X.15 Screen shots and videos Fraps, the Easy Graphic Converter, and Virtual Dub How I make videos &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& XI. (In 1994, two offi- cers were sentenced to 30 months in prison for violating King's civil rights, and "Rodney" has since gotten into several troubles--drug and spousal abuse, violence, and motoring offenses--on his own.) (Al Pacino was funnier.) The "camera" doesn't look ahead of the lead player or their vehicle as strict- ly in SA.

To compare pictures of vehicles, you might bring a page up twice and click a link from each. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& When looking for something in this guide, click "Edit" at the top left of the screen, then click "Find (on This Page)... (Pressing "Ctrl+F" makes it appear, too.) Type in the name, or even just the start of the name, of the mission or section you're looking for, then keep clicking "Find Next" till you're taken there. Girlfriend Denise and more Sweet Johnson missions are available IV.24 "Gray Imports" C. The Minigun (with a 500 count for ammo), Rocket Launcher, Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher, and Flame Thrower are available in Mike Toreno's (Tierra Robada) ranch. X.13.a The San Andreas Place Manager X.13.b The Map Teleporter/Vehicle Spawn X.13.c The GTA SA Control Center X.13.d The Skateboard mod X.13.e The No Rust and Dirt mods X.13.f 2x, 4x, and 10x Draw Distance mods X.13.g John Lennon's glasses X.13.h The Horseshoe Help mod X.13.i The Driver mod X.13.j The Roberto Clemente shirt X.13.k The Tommy Vercetti shirt and Tommy's Shirt X.13.l Pizzadox's Plus 27 Trainer X.13.m Heli Magnet X.13.n Darkpact SA X.13.o Analogue Speedometer X.13.p Gradius and Gyruss games mod X.13.q Pawfect Skin Changer Mod v1.1 X.13.r MP5 Re Skin and more... The early '90's CA "Scarface" sources for themes and in-jokes includes Allen and Albert Hughes' "Menace II Society," 1993, and the events of the 1991 Glen "Rodney" King beating by corrupt policemen, the 1992 acquittal of three officers and undecided jury for a fourth, and the subsequent riots.