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But what it won't give you is which stations are the most over-capacity and over-crowded.

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London Victoria comes second with 76,231,290 entries and exits (an increase of 4%) and London Liverpool Street third with 57,106,502 (up 2%).Birmingham New Street beats Glasgow Central to be the busiest station outside London, taking eighth place in the GB rankings.But if you look at interchanges, ie, the stations where people change trains, then Clapham Junction is way in the lead with nearly 22m. From the Office of Rail Regulation, this shows exactly how many people use every railway station in the UK. Take it with 2010's Mc Nulty report into the state of the railways, and it's a compelling dataset. We bring you one of the best datasets available about each of the train stations we use.

The figures are based on ticket sales and they show entries (when someone gets on a train) and exits (when they get off).

The total entries and exits is what gives you the number of people using the station.

It's also the busiest station in Europe by track activity: one train every 13 seconds at peak times; one train every 30 seconds at off-peak times.

Out of the 2,533 railway stations recorded here, only 474 saw a decrease in passengers over the year, with an average change of -7% for those.

The median number of passengers - ie, the most typical across all stations was 217,302 entries and exits, which is up on last year's 205,442.

The dataset will also tell you Britain's least popular stations.