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He denied Pilot Mohamed Said Shoukair, 37, made a distress call, during which he allegedly told controllers he was going to make an emergency descent.It comes as Egypt's Public Prosecutor has asked his French counterpart to hand over data on the plane during its stay at Charles de Gaulle airport and until it left French airspace.

Mr Azmi's comments, made in a statement to Al-Ahram newspaper last night, challenge earlier claims by Greece's defence minister, Panos Kammenos.

Mr Kammenos had previously said the Airbus A320 dropped to 15,000 feet and swerved 90 degrees to the right in the minutes before it crashed.

Read more: Egypt Air plane crash: Officials accused of withholding truth about what really happened He also said it performed a full 360-degree loop, before losing even more altitude and eventually disappearing from radar at just 10,000 feet.

In his statement, Mr Azmi also challenged reports that Flight MS804's pilot informed air traffic controllers in Cairo that smoke was filling up the aircraft.

Egypt Air Flight MS804 did not swerve or lose altitude before it vanished over the Mediterranean sea with 66 people onboard, a top Egyptian official claims.

Mohi El-Din Azmi, administrative board chairman of the country's National Air Navigation Service Company, says the doomed plane did not deviate from its flight path.It was travelling at an altitude of 37,000 feet before it disappeared from radar, less than a minute after entering Egyptian airspace, he told local media.The aircraft, carrying 10 crew members and 56 passengers, including a British dad-of-two, from Paris to Cairo, was later confirmed to have crashed in the ocean.From the myspace: "Originally broadcast December 2007 and titled A Soundworld of Rain this features Adam with pedal steel maestro and sometime Bolt of Melody Gerald Menke, playing measured and reverb-drenched versions of Bolts of Melody songs with a couple of Swervedriver nuggets in there also."The second Adam Franklin album Spent Bullets is released March 31st in North America on Second Motion (Cds), Hi-Speed Soul (vinyl) and i Tunes. The Toshack Highway moniker seems too unwieldy for a number of reasons - people never remember the name for starters (or pronounce it incorrectly!Release date in the UK/EU is early May through Cargo ) and it's just easier for people to remember my own name anyway.While supplies last you can order the .99 "Deluxe Version" which is limited edition Vinyl, SIGNED CD, MP3 download, FLAC download and a Second Motion Records sampler (includes tracks from Swervedriver, The Church, Ken Stringfellow and The Disciplines, Tommy Keene, Gemma Hayes, etc) Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody will be hitting the road in the US in 2009 and the first tour in June will be touring with Aussie rockers The Church. Also the album is much more song/guitar driven, and to me Toshack is more this instrumental/keyboardy thing, so actually the Toshack name might re-appear at some point with music more in that original vein, but for the time being AF it is..