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His futuristic, curvy prototypes are made from carbon fibre, the material used in racing cars, modern tennis rackets and ski-ing or mountain-biking equipment.And he has succeeded in making them look more like trendy sports equipment than a walking aid, although his main aims were comfort and ease of use.Next week, Guy's design can be seen as an award-winning "Product of the Future" in the recently added Wellcome Wing of the Science Museum.

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But, thanks to an imaginative art student using somewhat unusual components, recovery could become easier - and certainly more stylish - for future victims.Most people are familiar with the dreary-looking NHS crutch, made of aluminium.Most are glad they don't have to struggle with a pair.If you buy them, you are assured that all they are completely authentic and they are active.Time has changed and now only you can decide who will spend the rest of life with you.

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Even the most agile can find them difficult to manipulate and they are especially awkward for the overweight or severely disabled.

When a road accident forced Guy Robinson, a 25-year-old industrial design research engineer at the Royal College of Art, on to crutches, he was inspired to revolutionise their design.

"I hated the cumbersome, painful grip, the impact on my joints and the impersonal, institutional appearance.

I wanted something more personal, that people could feel was part of themselves and that they would be glad to own - and even show off, like sports equipment." The present ones, he thinks, can exclude people from joining in everyday activities.