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The In-App Billing Extension for Android is a 100 percent native Java solution that enables you to: This native extension requires-the AIR 3.5 SDK or a later version. If you haven't already installed the AIR 3.5 or later SDK for your Flash Professional CS6 or Flash Builder IDE, follow the instructions below.

This gmail address needs to be added to the Google Play developer panel in order to test In-app Billing.To add the test email to Google Play: // listeners for billing service startup Android Event Listener(Android Billing Event.SERVICE_READY,on Ready); Android Event Listener(Android Billing Event.SERVICE_NOT_SUPPORTED, on Unsupported); // start the service Android IAB.start Billing Service("YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY_HERE"); private function on Ready(e: Android Billing Event):void { trace("service now ready- you can now make purchases."); } private function on Unsupported(e: Android Billing Event):void { trace("sorry, in app billing won't work on this phone! ARM is the update manager for Adobe Reader that automatically opens on Windows start-up.

This program notifies you of updates and downloads to keep you software up to date.

Experience building apps for Android with Flash Builder or Flash Professional and Adobe AIR will help you make the most of this article.

Additional required other products Milkman Games In-App Billing Extension for Android With the In-App Billing Extension for Android from Milkman Games, you can rapidly integrate In-App-app purchasing into your mobile AIR application using Action Script 3.

"); } Once you've connected to Google Play, you can request information about the items that the user has previously purchased.

It's a good idea to do this as soon as your app starts, in case the user has installed the app on a new device, had an item refunded, or their inventory has otherwise changed.

// listen for inventory events Android Event Listener(Android Billing Event.