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A month before making literal waves in a London swimming pool at the 2012 Olympics, Australian Stephanie Rice is making figurative ones for a photo she recently posted on Twitter. Stephanie Rice may be holding up a pair of commemorative underwear below - received upon her return to Sydney, Australia after her impressive performance at the Beijing Olympics - but she denies having ever seen Michael Phelps in his skivvies.

News broke yesterday that the pair - who have been dating since meeting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne - had decided to end their relationship, with Sullivan stating that they did so to focus on the Games and not each other.But there had been suggestions made that perhaps it was a smokescreen put up so the attention and focus would ease slightly on the "power couple" when they hit Beijing next week."No not at all," Rice said today when asked about that suggestion."Really the Olympics is the pinnacle and for me being my first Olympics, just being so excited to go there and be able to experience all the atmosphere and it has nothing to do with a relationship or anything, it's really at this point in time about swimming and this is everything I've trained for and that's really what I'm focusing on at the moment."The whole reason that we decided to have a bit of a break was because of the Olympics and obviously the media talking about it (the break-up) is a little bit draining but at the same time we both know we made this decision because of the Olympics and being such elite athletes and professional that we want to do what is best for us.

"I guess I never thought my personal life would be such an interest in the media but it's sort of flattering I suppose, but at the same time I'm not going to let it get to me, we both have worked too hard for that.Someone who has set tall goals from a young age, Steph knew she wanted to be an Olympic swimmer at just four years old.To this day, the recently-retired athlete hasn’t stopped dreaming big and working hard to make her dreams a reality.The talented swimmer first caught Australia’s attention in 2006, when at 17 years of age, she won gold in the 200 and 400 Individual Medley at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.She then went on to win multiple medals at international levels, before her unforgettable three Gold Medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics swimming an incredible three races in world record breaking times.Now an international superstar, Steph’s swimming career saw her add more medals to the collection and go on to compete at the 2012 London Olympic Games, despite undergoing career-debilitating shoulder surgery.