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This ensures that maintenance tools such as automated inspection and diagnostic suites are included in the wider design objectives. Nazih Haddad, executive vice president of the company, said recently that the Maryland Department of Transportation expected to hear soon from the Federal Railroad Administration regarding a M application for a grant that would help fund further design and permitting. Municipal officials also pledged M to the line, but it was not clear how much Queensland would commit towards the hundreds of millions of dollars in project funding still needed or what other public-private approaches would be used. SUSTRAIL aims to increase rail freight performance through a whole system approach which involves a number of work packages.Bombardier also takes input for a variety of passenger representative groups. The Japanese government would fund much of the first phase, which is estimated to cost about bn. In an announcement on October 10, Turnbull said he would support rail project investment based on 'merits'. The current system was benchmarked (WP1) and duty requirements established (WP2).Adds that Bombardier staff are encouraged to make regular use of both their own and competitors' products. Haddad noted that the line would have to capture 50% of the transportation market along the Northeast Corridor to make the project viable. Among those competing for federal support are Western Australia's .35bn Perth Rapid Transit; Sydney's .15bn light rail; Queensland's estimated .2bn River Rail core project; and Victoria's Melbourne Metro, estimated at up to bn. Then two parallel but linked packages considered the freight train of the future (WP3) and sustainable track (WP4), after which a business case (WP5) was developed and the new vehicle and track systems were tested (WP6). London Underground (LU) has been trialling energy capture technology on the Victoria line that could reduce its energy bill by 5%, saving the organisation millions of pounds.

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NR is to develop a 'firm detailed design' by the end of 2017 for electrification of the trans-Pennine route from Manchester to Leeds, York and Selby in 2018-22. BAM was appointed principal contractor for the £170M first-phase of Transport Scotland's Aberdeen-Inverness Improvement Project on October 16, working with Arcom, CH2M, Stobart Rail and Siemens. (Item contains no further information.) Railway Gazette, vol. The three strands are: 'strengthen the offer' to ensure continued production of the best products on the world market; improve the business environment in both the EU and internationally; and stimulate demand for rail projects in the EU and internationally. These look in detail at the intended operation of the fleet.

The project will now aim to provide faster journey tome and more capacity, rather than just electrification. (Item contains no further information.) Railway Gazette, vol. A particular area of focus for these workshops is the driver's interface with the train.

MML electrification from Bedford to Kettering and Corby is planned by 2019, and to Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield by 2023. The company aims to help drivers understand how the train will react to their actions long before they actually enter the cab. US company The Northeast Maglev, working with the Central Japan Railway Co., envisions a magnetically levitated, or maglev, passenger route between Washington, DC, and New York City that will reduce travel time to an hour. Reports on the Sustainable Freight Railway (SUSTRAIL) - a €9.4M four-year project, launched in 2011, to design a freight vehicle track system with improved reliability at reduced cost.

(Item contains no further information.) Railway Gazette, vol. Bombardier has many years of experience in maintaining its own fleets and its Design for Maintenence engineers form part of the design team for all new products. Work on the environmental impact statement is looming 'in the next couple of months' for the first phase between Washington and Baltimore. Reports that new Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is reversing his predecessor's policy on transit funding with a M commitment to a 7.3km light-rail extension in the Gold Coast area of Queensland which will host the 2018 Commonwealth Games. It was part of the seventh Framework Programme for EU research (FP7) for which the EC contributed €6.6M.

Work to plan 25 k V 50 Hz electrification of the trans-Pennine and Midland Main Line routes is to resume with completion now envisaged by 2023, Secretary of State for Transport Patrick Mc Loughlin announced on September 30. Having delivered more than 2,000 cars from its Electrostar EMU family over two decades, Bombardier Transportaion has developed a successor for the UK market - the Aventra.

Following delays and cost overruns on the electrification of the Great Western Main Line, Mc Loughlin had announced on June 25 that Network Rail's works programme for 2014-19 would be reviewed and 'reset'. Reports on a reception organised by UNIFE at the Hessen Representation in Brussels on October 13 to discuss a draft resolution by the European Parliament's Industry, Research & Energy committee on the competitiveness of the European railway supply sector. Details the company's 'designed for use' philosophy behind London's latest commuter train.

Planning for trans-Pennine and MML electrification was 'paused' pending this review, which is being undertaken by recently-appointed NT Chairman Sir Peter Hendy. Bombardier has awarded Panattoni Europe a contract to build a new manufacturing hall at its Wroclaw plant by June 2016. The underlying concern for many suppliers is the looming commercial challenge from Asia, and China in particular, in a global context, where, according to UNIFE, many significant markets are becoming more difficult for European companies to access. Top priority for the design team is to work out what the requirements of any new vehicle deign are.

On September 29 Hendy advised how the electrification work could continue. This will be used to manufacture bodyshells for projects including Deutsche Bahn's ICx inter-city trains. In response, UNIFE is developing a three-pronged approach to protect what it sees as Europe's 'world leadership of our industry'. Over the past decade, Bombardier has sought to achieve this by running workshops entitled a 'A Day in the Life of the Train'.

UK participants were Network Rail (technical coordinator), Tata Steel and the Universities of Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield and Huddersfield. According to LU, the reclaimed waste energy from Tube train brakes over a one-week period was enough to power Holborn station for two days.

For the freight train of the future it was concluded that innovations were required for running gear, wheelsets, braking systems, body and bogie structure and condition monitoring. The technology has the potential to capture 1 Megawatt hour (MWh) per day.

An investigation into the suitability and efficiency of an eddy current measurement system for the detection of rail rolling contact fatigue is reported. worked with Norfolk Southern, a US railway company, to evaluate the trolley mounted device. "This...regenerative braking system has the potential to transform how we power stations across the Tf L network, unlocking massive power savings and significantly reducing our energy bills," said Chris Tong, LU's head of Power and Cooling.