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‘s fish processing or wet lab, explaining how the conveyor belt works and how the catch is sorted, sampled and archived.About 800 people visited the ship during the Woods Hole Science Stroll August 6.

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“Car of the Year” is an honor not bestowed on just any car.

It takes something quite special to elevate a car from being just “good” to being “extraordinary”.

See, it’s actually hard to find a bad car nowadays. Though there’s a strong resemblance to other current Mazda vehicles, it’s not simply a case of design cut-and-paste.

Sure, there are some cars that are better than others, but for the most part, any modern automobile is better than anything being cranked out five years ago. Given the smaller footprint designers had to work with, they exaggerated the entire KODO theme on the 2 without making it look like a bad caricature.

Such is the playing field the Mazda2 had to overcome to win not just one, but two car of the year trophies—one in Japan and, more importantly, here in the Philippines. The resulting sub-compact is taut and muscular with well-defined lines and nice proportions.

It doesn’t play on the long hood, cab rearward design as seen on larger Mazda vehicles that the hatchback edges the sedan in terms of aesthetics. It’s also nice, but the proportions just work better on the five-door.

The Speed variant, exclusive on the five-door, adds some look faster parts like front and rear chins, a roof spoiler, and red detailing.

It works most of the time with the only offending part being the red detailing which looks too ricer.

The Mazda2’s strong DNA continues inside where it has the same driver-focused interior.

Apart from the sharply raked roofline that causes you to hit your head getting in and out some times, there’s little else to complain about.

The driving position is naturally ergonomic and perfectly positioned with all the driving controls where you expect them.