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Fresh Swiss mountain air often brings many a perfect couple together, and with Speed Dating at the Neusell ski lift in Rothenthurm chances of finding the right man or woman for life are even better!

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If and only if you are single, mark your agenda: the next Speed Dating made in Barbershop will be held on October 26th.Who knows, if you donโ€™t find your second half, at least you will enjoy a good cocktail ๐Ÿ™‚ Subscribe via email (below and mandatory). She's been looking for love for nearly a year and says it has not been easy. Americans don't take themselves too seriously and have no problem flirting. You moved to Switzerland because you love the idea of taking on new challenges and adventures. She's 28, blond and tall and has come out of a long term relationship.She believes that the attributes that make Charlotte such a 'catch' are typical of international singles in affluent nations; yet more and more people in countries like Switzerland are finding it difficult to find love, often right up until later life.

Lawson-Botez pinpoints two reasons: "International people work very hard.

Here in Geneva, you spend a whole career assigned in an organisation before you realise โ€˜I've got no-one to come home to!

Charlotte* is a trainee lawyer from New York who has lived in Switzerland for five years and currently lives in Bern.

There you are used to guys approaching you and you can easily strike up a conversation with anyone." Talking about her experience in Bern, Charlotte says she is almost never approached, and some men have even reacted negatively to being 'chatted up'.

"People tend to stick to the group they go out with for the evening and don't come over to you โ€“ ever! "You could be the last girl in the bar and it's unlikely that you would be approached.

That means, as a woman you have to be more assertive and overt to talk to a guy as he's usually with his friends." According to Leslie Lawson Botez, a Geneva-based psychologist and author of Holding out for a hero, five steps to marriage over 40, Charlotte is not alone.