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The five-year-old, which is thought to have been sold for one million euros last year, slammed into the ground as he contested the lead with Captain Cee Bee at a furious pace.

They said: ‘Our Conor was attended by vets immediately and they did everything possible to save him.

After extensive treatment for a back injury, the decision was made to humanely put the horse down.’ They say the Festival puts horses under enormous pressure due to its big and noisy crowds and also warn that many of the races feature too many horses, making it difficult for the animals to judge their jumps.

Last night the British Horseracing Association said: ‘The welfare of the sport’s equine and human participants is paramount to British Horseracing and remains the over-riding priority for all those involved with the staging of the Cheltenham Festival.‘British Racing is open and transparent about the risks involved in the sport - the BHA Veterinary team monitors injury rates at every licensed racecourse.

Over the last 15 years the equine fatality rate has fallen by one third to 0.2% of all runners.

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