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He doesn't recall how many times he's "been saved" or "saw the light," but he's overweight.There seems to be few attempts at reprimanding a bullying attacker in our small town which of course gives a blessing to every bully to use innocent people as a target.

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When a person is cornered by this type of bully filled with the power of naivete, they can't even enjoy a meal in peace without being hounded.Never mind if you remind them that they are preaching to the choir, it does not stop them in their vain glory to make you knuckle down on your knees on the spot so they can gloat at "winning for the Lord" or other spiritual leader.One homeless big city man I know says he always plays their games as it means a free meal.It has been painful to learn that countless "authority" in small towns of the prairies are terrible bullies who get away with it because there is no other authority for the victims to go to get help.The limited selection pool for qualified, ethical, educated, intelligent leaders compounds the problem for small towns in rural America -- the more qualified have moved away years ago.

It is a disgrace that the Attorney General throws these severe problems back onto the citizens of the community who have no training or conscience to deal with the horrors.Our Attorney General will not help with any violence in small towns until someone is murdered. Because of the many years of personal targeting I have endured by small town bullies, I have become an acute observer, aware that there are many types of bullying in addition to law enforcement and leadership (authority).by Rosalea Hostetler (Harper, Kansas, USA) In early May 2011 a member in my brother's family was allegedly murdered in a nearby town by her law enforcement officer husband and the home was set on fire in an attempt to destroy the evidence.His fool proof plan for murder that he bragged about wasn't adequate.The FBI was called in, and he was arrested on suspicion of murder, arson and child endangerment. Encouraged by her family to do so, his wife was afraid to file for divorce because this chronic bully threatened to kill the whole family if she left him. After the papers were served she was dead within a few days, leaving behind two little boys without their caring mother and a psychopathic father sitting in jail.This tragedy has opened a deep wound in my own life, causing me to again deal with the flashbacks of four decades of law enforcement and other "authority" mobster-type bullying that has destroyed my hopes and dreams to preserve our very rare historic downtown. Numerous people are coming forward and sharing their small town bullying stories.