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Through the years he has become quite an expert at making chocolates. He is a rich and handsome high school graduate who is a rival of Keitaro for Naru's attention.He is a character who only appeared in the anime series of Love Hina.Eventually though Kentaro got tired of chasing after Naru.

Keitaro Urashima is the main character of this anime series.He is a 20 year old second year ronin studying to enter Tokyo University (sometimes known as "Todai").He is desperate to get into Tōkyō University because of a childhood promise he made before with a girl friend of this but he cannot remember the name or face of the girl he made the promise to.He is wishing so hard that he has his own girlfriend after failing the Todai exam twice. The reason was because of never having a girlfriend, and in an effort to save himself from embarrassment, Keitaro used to make his own Valentines Day chocolates and he pretends that they were from a valentine.Love Hina Sim Date RPG is an old Role Playing flash game which is available in y8This game is originally made by Konami to be played as a computer game.

It is a dating game based on the popular anime show "Love Hina".You can play as a guy character who should be able to date the girl characters in the game.In setting the character you will be playing you can be able to edit out the name. You will be given 40 points which you can assign to your character's power, intelligence and magic.He became an instrument in helping Keitaro and Naru’s relationship grow.He has helped Naru retrieve her present from Keitaro during Christmas Eve and helping her arrive at Pararakelse Island and assist the group while on the island.He is even kind enough to provide Keitaro with the keys to the Forbidden Annex during the incident involving Keitaro’s sister, Kanako.