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Suvreen topped her 12th Board Exams with 89%, but in DPSC she is one of the many, many toppers.

Season I Topper of the Year is an inspiring, rousing coming of age tale of a generation of youngsters studying at DPSC (Devendra Pratap Singh College), a prestigious college in Delhi.

It's a humorous and riveting campus drama that states that there's more to this Facebook generation than i Pod and low-waist jeans.

It showcases how Suvreen faces difficulties and finally becomes a fashion designer.

Season II Season 2 follows how Suvreen leaves her home, struggles and finds a foothold in the fashion industry.

After realizing her natural calling towards fashion designing, she leaves her current subject, economics, and joins the course against the wishes of her father.

She faces a lot of trouble and even has to earn her fee for the course.But her father soon realizes her dream and supports her.She still is not so established but while trying to make a mark she still faces many problems in different fields.She also adopts the name Pepper Pathak and runs her own brand, hiding it from everyone except her boyfriend Yuvraj and roommate Soni.The story showcases how she solves all her problems, maintains a balance between her home and work and tries to make everyone happy including her parents, boyfriend and friends. She returns to Kathgodam, India and opens her own boutique.On the day of inauguration Yuvraj proposes marriage and she happily accepts. She is a gorgeous but simple 19-year-old girl from Kathgodam.