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Graduation, housewarming or just a get together with...

Note that the event organizer won't receive any RSVP.Here's a potpourri of warm and fun invitation cards for every occasion you plan to celebrate, whether it is baby birth, baptism, business invites, religious occasions, farewell...Browse all 74 cards » Whether it's a formal or an informal party you're planning, here's a collection of great party invitations for your guests.Members of the group see the event on their calendar.The guest list also updates as group membership changes.

People who join the group later see the event in their calendar.And people who leave the group have the event removed. Guests are counted by distinct email addresses in the guest list.These updates typically appear in people’s calendars within 30 minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours. This includes individual invitees, group members, each group itself, and all rooms.Guests who have been removed from the event are still counted.If this puts you over the 200 guest limit, you can recreate the event with the reduced guest list to avoid the restrictions above.If you can't reply by clicking links in the invitation, this means the event organizer doesn't have permission to view the group's members.