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During installation you'll be given the options for specific Pro Video capture cards and Hauppauge remotes.

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Before installing Sage TV you'll need to know where your multimedia files are being stored.

By default Windows uses the My Documents folder for whichever user is logged in while Media Center is being run.

Ideally you should have these files on a different hard drive than Windows is installed to, or at least a second partition if they share a hard drive.

However, if you may need to run Windows Media Center again you'll almost certainly want to keep the files where they are or else you'll have to reconfigure it to find them in the new location.

Checking the Enable Service Recovery box will allow Windows to attempt to restart the Sage TV Service if it crashes for some reason.

To start Sage TV for the first time you can use the shortcut on the Start menu.

During initial configuration, which will start immediately, you can tell Sage TV to start when you login to Windows.

If you use the Windows' built-in firewall make sure to check the box to configure the Windows Firewall appropriately.

Just as Windows Media Center has a scheduler that runs even when the interface is closed, Sage TV can run in the background so you don't miss scheduled recordings if you're not using the program.

Although you can use the Services MMC console to control the Sage TV Service just as we used it to disable the Media Center services, but it's simpler to use Sage TV's Service Control program.

Use the Enable button to set the Sage TV service to Automatic and the Start button to start the service.