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The typical club owner is a businessman with very little time and no interest in the micro sub electronic genre that is your life passion.

The common newcomer mistake is to view the other DJs as competition and not opportunities for more gigs.Treat your fellow DJs with respect and I promise it will lead to more shows.Here are a few critical rules to follow in the booth.I am going to turn 30 in a few weeks, which means these ears have had nearly 14 years of DJing.Hindsight is 20/20, and I can tell you it sure would have been helpful to know basic DJ etiquette from the beginning.

Many a gig would have been significantly smoother if someone had taken the time to share a few universal principles of dealing with others.So, to help you avoid the same mistakes, let’s go over the basics of dealing with other DJs, patrons and club owners from the perspective of the digital DJ.1) Never set up while some one else is DJing (if avoidable) – Setting up your sound card and gear during the last songs of a DJ’s set can really create a lot of tension in the booth and leave them very pissed off at you. 2) If sound check is not possible then bring a short mix CD to blend out of the last DJ.– Set up while that mix plays and only after the other DJ has exited.(Give yourself 20 minutes) 3) If all else fails then follow these rules.Its important to recognize whom you are dealing with.