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It has aired four times in the United States, the first time being its initial airing on Univision in the afternoon, from October 14, 2002 to February 28, 2003. The first repeat was on Telefutura in the early morning, from September 26, 2005 to January 27, 2006.The second repeat was on Univision during the Grandes Historias hour late at night, from April 9, 2007 to August 9, 2007.

However, she disdains and expects the worst out of Carlota, whom Bernarda calls "inutil" (good-for-nothing).In reality, Carlota is the one who is successful, as she plays the piano beautifully and paints many masks, showing us that she has quite the artistic side.Bernarda is a materialistic woman, determined to never allow her daughters to marry in order to avoid what is stated in the father's will: Upon marriage, they will take their part of the fortune.On May 20, 2002, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting La Otra weekdays at pm, replacing Salomé.The last episode was broadcast on September 20, 2002 with Así son ellas replacing it the following day.

This telenovela was a moderate success in Mexico, airing at 8pm in the summer of 2002, right before the (usually) highest-rated hour of 9pm.It has also grown in popularity amongst telenovela fans of all kinds, thus making it a cult classic of sorts."The Best Telenovela of the Year" (Premios TVy Novelas 2003) On a dark, stormy night, Bernarda (Chantal Andere), Leopoldo Guillen's lover, takes her two small daughters, Eugenia (Mercedes Molto) and Carlota (Yadhira Carrillo), to his funeral.Leopold's son, Roman, his wife, and the priest tell them that they are unwelcome at the funeral and Roman (Alejandro Ávila) throws them out in the mud.Years later, Carlota and Eugenia are attending a university where Carlota studies music and Eugenia studies accounting.Bernarda favors and expects the best out of Eugenia, who is failing school.