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’s Kristin Veitch regarding the on-screen/off-screen love. This leads me to believe that she took some time to get this scoop before posting it today.

Did you know Rashida and John used to date in real life? Sources tell me he fought hard to get his ex-girlfriend the role. Ugh, he fought hard to be around this gorgeous woman all day? Say it with me…I trust the writers – I trust the writers – I trust the writers. Rashida Jones is an accomplished actress on her own.

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So, right there in front of the guy you are currently dating you get asked if your ex-boyfriend is a great kisser or not. For the record she did say that Paul Rudd was the better kisser and that she likes John just fine it just wasn't as good as Paul.

But you know I was secretly crushed at the thought of watching my #1 TV boyfriend, John Krasinski, canoodle with his rumored girlfriend every Thursday night.

Well, since you all seem to be as intrigued as I was by all of this, I thought I would share this tidbit from E! (‘Cause, um, I don’t know.) goodies to share with y’all, and (b) I asked Kristin during the chat if the rumors about John & Rashida were true and she didn’t answer.

When we approached the star during the opening of “Twelfth Night” in Central Park, the actress confided she prefers the smooches of former “I Love You, Man” co-star Paul Rudd to ex-boyfriend John Krasinski. So, the NY Daily News tried to pull a fast one on Rashida Jones and get her to throw ex-boyfriend John Krasinski under a bus.

“John’s great, but I’d still say Paul.” We wonder if John’s new girlfriend, Emily Blunt, would make the same choice?

Rashida declined to do so because she is all class.

Wow, that does sound a little kiss-ass-ish doesn't it?

Oh, well, everyone knows I love her so it shouldn't come as a surprise.

The Daily News caught up with er at Shakespeare In The Park and asked her who was the better kisser, Paul Rudd as her co-star or John Krasinski in real life?

I know they asked the question in hopes that she would throw John under a bus.

At least I hope that is why they asked it and not because the reporter couldn't come up with anything else. Add to this the fact she is dating a guy right now and it becomes even more awkward.