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This is a fair amount of time for someone to return from a holiday or business trip.

Waiting a fortnight can be frustrating but it’s better than closing a match before they’ve had a chance to respond to you.

• If you’ve heard nothing after this time, close the match.

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You will find the ‘nudge’ link on the Match Details page of the match you wish to prompt.

To give matches a fair amount of time to respond, you can only nudge them seven days after your initial communication.

• Give your match two weeks to respond to your nudge.

If you send an icebreaker and there is no reply after a while, do you send your questions or close the match?

(Iain) Iain’s question gets to the heart of communicating online straight away – walking that fine line between too relaxed and overbearing.

When you start communicating with someone on e Harmony and they don’t respond, or go quiet after a while, how do you know how to proceed?Well, Iain, the fact is (and we’re sure you already know this) there’s no way of knowing exactly what someone is thinking when they don’t respond to your communication.Last month we asked you to send us your questions about communicating on e Harmony – we appreciate that communicating online can be a tricky business.Ultimately though, online dating is a great way to meet like-minded people in a safe, relaxed environment.And that’s why we wanted to answer any queries you had – so that you could get down to the real business of enjoying your time on e Harmony.It turned out a lot of you had very similar questions, so we’ve picked three that best represent your most commonly asked questions: I was wondering when you start the guided questions with someone and you haven’t heard back from them for 10 days or more, how do I approach further communication without coming over heavy and hassling?