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The idea behind Peer Guardian was to block known bad or insecure IP connections automatically on computer systems.

It shipped with various lists, a P2P list for example, that you could use to block company IP addresses associated with copyrights holders, media companies and companies that were known to record P2P traffic.

Developer stopped and Peer Block took over for the time being, but this too stopped eventually and back in 2009 no alternative was available that offered continuous development and new features.

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Another interesting feature is the ability to create custom lists and to import lists from iblocklist and other list providers.To add existing lists click on the add button in the list manager and either add one locally, or by url.Several i Blocklist lists are already linked here so that you can select them with the click of the button.The application uses five default lists that are all activated by default and updated on start of the application: You can check out any list with a click on view.This displays the starting and end IP range as well as the name of the company or individual who is the owner of it.

A search is provided at the top that you can use to scan for a specific IP address or name.It is furthermore possible to right-click on any name here to whitelist connections for 15 minutes, 1 hour or permanently.Before I look at the free version, I'd like to outline the differences between the free and paid version so that you know what you do not get in the free version of Bot Revolt.The only information we have about the differences are on the pricing page.The paid version of Bot Revolt offers the following features for per year or .95 per month on top of what the free version offers: The main program window displays all connections your computer makes.Black text connections are all safe, while red connections indicate unsafe blocked connections.