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Try the latest Adobe Air Beta 20 and your problems will be sovled.

Note: This also solves the issue for older versions of Adobe CS (6 and others) failing to install properly.

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Firefox and Safari and Internet Explorer are not affected by this issue.Solution 2: Update your Flash Player Plugin Settings in Chrome You can restore proper functionality in Chrome by taking the following steps: If you Continue to Experience Trouble... However, if you still receive an error even when switching to Firefox or Safari or IE, please open a support ticket and include the following important information: We're really sorry about the inconvenience caused by this problem.We have our fingers crossed that Adobe will get things fixed ASAP.Simply use the auto-installation button to proceed with installing the editor application: For more information about this installation process, or for directions on using the plugin once the installation is complete, please see the usage guide.If for any reason this automated installation process fails, please use the alternate approach described below.

If you're using Easy Rotator for Word Press, the plugin requires installation of the desktop editor application to facilitate the creation and editing of rotators.(The desktop application allows for features such as built-in image optimization and previewing without uploading.) Our auto-installation button usually makes it quick and easy to install the editor application, which is powered by the Adobe AIR runtime.Unfortunately, an update released to Google Chrome in late 2012 broke this functionality, affecting Easy Rotator for Word Press along with many other applications around the web.Google and Adobe are working on a fix, but you do have two options to avoid the problem in the meantime.Please note: This issue only affects the creation and editing of rotators within the Word Press dashboard; you and your site's visitors can continue using Chrome to view rotators.Solution 1: Use Firefox or Safari or Internet Explorer to Create Rotators The quickest solution is to switch to another browser when you need to create or edit a rotator.