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There are so many fun things to experience in Portland, and they’re especially fun when you get to enjoy them with that special someone.

From outdoor concerts to classic arcade games, choose any of these unique date ideas in Portland, and we promise you and your beau will love it.

And don't worry gals -- we've included our top Portland pick for escaping the romance with your girlfriends as well!

Okay girls, we all know about that while all the couples are out celebrating their love for each other, we need somewhere we can go to escape the romance parade.

Departure in Portland is the perfect solution -- ultra sleek and modern with the hottest in decor, the best little areas to lounge around with a drink in hand and to top it off, a delicious menu.

Departure is that excuse you've been looking for to pull out your extra high heels and the dress that you splurged on, but haven't had a chance to wear yet.

Located on the Columbia River, you can come here for a glorious dip or even to pick fresh fruits in the local farms with your lover.

When we said you'd be embarking on a plethora of hikes if you dated someone from Portland, we weren't kidding.The Columbia Gorge is home to tons of pleasant hikes, lovely waterfalls, and breathtaking scenery.Portland isn't well-known for being a romantic city, but with all of these options available, it's surprising to us that it isn't!We also love their rooftop deck, which stays cozy on chilly PDX nights thanks to an army of heated lamps!Whether you're coming to Portland for a romantic weekend away from home, or Portland is your home and you want to take a stay-cation in this gorgeous city, Hotel de Luxe should be your first choice of places to stay.The romance will start the second you walk into the lobby with your sweetheart on your arm -- you'll feel like you stepped back in time to the era of Old Hollywood, but with an obvious modern influence.