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We would look after the pond in the way that we have done in the past so no working parties as in other clubs.The rules would remain the same with the exception that Apologies for not posting this earlier but our website had an electronic glitch. A big thank you to all of our customers this year we hope that you have enjoyed good fishing in delightful surroundings.

We would open on 1st April for 8 months closing at the end of November.

We would have a virtual cialis super active membership system which means that everything would be on email and we would want a photograph of every member so that we could check that bona fide members were fishing on our regular visits.

Members would also have to email us when they were fishing.

The gate would have a combination lock and we would regularly change the combination; members being informed of the new number so you would let yourself in and out.

We have been having a good think about the future and regrettably we have come to the conclusion that our personal commitments are such that we will be unable to manage Villa Pond this year and it will therefore remain closed.

We know that this will disappoint a number of people and we will miss chatting to all of our fishing friends.

We are sorry that we have had to come to this conclusion and if anything changes we will post it on this website.

We have been giving some thought about next year and one of the ideas is to open as a private fishing club.

This one was enticed at the car park end online cialis of the pond.

Where Mrs H has been recently busy with her secateurs and cleared several pegs of obstructions.

The middle of the pond seems to be fishing well at the moment, perhaps the fish have learned that eating tempting bait in the margins is a hazardous business. The pond is fishing well with plenty of double figure fish being banked.