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Smiling while you're talking, regardless of whether anyone is looking at you, will improve your tone of voice. A voice that's too loud can sound aggressive, while an overly quiet voice can be very difficult to understand.If you have difficulty controlling the volume of your voice, try moving the receiver a little distance away from your ear and listen to yourself talk for a few moments. DO use polite, professional language, speaking to your conversation partner the way you would hope to be spoken to.

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DON'T demand to talk to someone or launch into a request or complaint without first saying hello and identifying yourself.

The recipient of your call will be much happier to help you if you make a good first impression.

DO speak in a friendly, pleasant voice with moderate volume.

Telephone etiquette doesn't mean being stiff and overly formal on the phone, and it isn't just for talking to your grandmother or impressing a potential client.

Using basic courtesy and good manners when talking and texting helps set a positive tone for a conversation and can help you avoid confusing, frustrating or even embarrassing situations.

DO greet the caller pleasantly and identify yourself when you answer the phone.In a business setting, say "Good morning" or "Good afternoon," then name your company or department and say who's speaking.On a personal phone, say "Hello" and give your name.DON'T answer in a brisk or hurried tone or with "Yes" or "Yeah." People don't want to feel like their call is unwelcome.DO identify yourself clearly and politely ask for the person you're trying to reach or briefly state your reason for calling.Take a few moments before you place the call to determine what you're going to say.