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Synchronizing Outlook on two machines | Synchronizing Outlook using Web Services Code Two Exchange Sync lets you synchronize Exchange Public Folders with each other and with Personal Folders of users.

It gives you possibilities Exchange Server has never offered; synchronize mobile devices (i Phone, i Pad, Android, Blackberry, etc.) with Exchange Public Folders; create common company calendars and contact lists; synchronize email, and much more.

The application supports Exchange 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2000 and is amazingly easy to configure and use.

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What about synchronizing appointments or other items in an Exchange Server mailbox folder with a group calendar or other folder in Public Folders?

Here's a trick for appointments: If the public folder has an e-mail address, open the Properties dialog for the folder, choose Add to Contacts, you can simply invite a public folder calendar to a meeting.

Also, don't forget that for offline use, you can drag any public folder to Public Folders/Favorites and set the Favorites copy to synchronize.

Other than that, Outlook does not provide any built-in mechanism for syncing between Outlook mailboxes and Public folders, hence the list of tools on this page.

The data synchronization is carried out via network or, in the business version, optionally over the Internet.

All e-mails, notes, tasks, appointments, contacts are updated and immediately available on all computers. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks with ALL devices that sync with Outlook or Exchange.Simple SYN is flexible in its setup with the direction and mode of the synchronization (new, changed and deleted items) set individually for each Outlook folder. Integrate Exchange-Stored Sent and received Emails with ACT!I’m using Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode so I can read my emails while off-line.I’ve also got access to additional mailboxes and shared mail folders but these are only available when on-line. Support for caching shared folders with Cached Exchange Mode depends on your version of Outlook.Full caching support for additional mailboxes was first introduced in Outlook 2010.For Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, workarounds are needed.