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But then the devil ruined it by creating the colleague. Knowing what I know now, writing academic journal articles (which get read by maybe 5 or 10 people) seems like fiddling while Rome burns.Today, I am a teacher without colleagues, I can write whatever I please, my words are read by thousands, and instead of being confined to expensive books and obscure journals, my writings are available free to everyone.Academia, moreover, has only gotten worse since I got my doctorate.Thus, unless you belong to a politically correct protected group that will guarantee you employment for what you , I cannot recommend graduate school in philosophy, no matter how much you hunger for wisdom.Also be sure to download only from sites you trust and remember to always check the site's Privacy Policy first.

3,506 words Spanish translation here The best decision I ever made was to pursue a Ph. Hans-Georg Gadamer told a joke that perfectly sums up my view of academia.

I learned about the most important questions, I studied the most profound attempts to answer them, I acquired both the tools and the commitment to pursue the truth, and I became a better—that is, wiser—man in the process. Indeed, all my hopes, schemes, and efforts in that direction just left me discouraged, drained, and embittered. But I was the wrong race and the wrong sex; I definitely had the wrong politics; and, frankly, I think I took it too seriously and wanted it too much, which does not go over well with people who treat philosophy as merely a technical game or an adjunct to Leftist politics.

On the 8th day, God rose from his rest and decided that Creation needed one more thing to perfect it, so he created the German professor.

And that goes for the rest of the humanities as well.

The current reign of political correctness will make you miserable throughout your studies and unemployable once they are complete.

And you won’t learn that much anyway, because your professors will do more to close off than open up the tradition to you.