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Some members think Russian women are just too good to be true, when maybe it's just a matter of cultural values.

One university study shows many striking differences between Russians and Americans (the purveyors of world pop culture).

Here are some key differences: Americans in particular are clock-watchers.

Russians ranked the same values this way: Family, friends, career, money.

Of course, in a capitalist economy, Americans see money and career as the means to provide well for their families.

In Russia, the focus has always been entirely different: People haven't had to worry about "making it" at the expense of family time.

Russians are often late and much less driven by deadline.

Time has never been money, so there's no incentive to race the clock.

Americans have a unique zeal for entrepreneurship, invention and individualism. The Russian way, dating back thousands of years in an agrarian society, rewards conformity, collectivism and working within the system.

In surveys of Russian and American students, the Americans ranked these values in importance: Money, career, family friends.

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