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And God forbid anyone pays me a compliment or asks for my number.I literally get a psychical reaction to it and need the ground to swallow me up.

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Our newest study of 33,000 Canadian singles has revealed something interesting: sports fans have bigger libidos and feel more confident (and sexier) than those who dislike sports.Want to know what real members think of dating an older woman?It seems there are 4 categories of people who reside on dating sites: Players. Needless to say, they aren’t in the socially awkward category like I am, they meet people in the real world, which is my main reason for dating online. Most of my friends are on Tinder, OK Cupid, Happn, Hinge etc, but I do have some friends who really frown upon it and think we’re desperate and pathetic for being on these apps. I could say I’ve fallen into all of those categories, minus ‘Players’ and so far I’ve managed to swerve any interaction with one.I find it awkward talking to strangers in social situations.