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the spider web imagery is a good template for internal structuring), her red and black clothing may also be an allusion to the Black Widow.

On the other doll (symbolically under her foot/trampled on) note the position of the knife on it's stomach, all very symbolic of ritual abuse (and showing literally how they are used in MK, as the child is emotionally attached to the doll, giving it a personality and whatnot, so it can be used in multiple ways to emotionally traumatize the victim to create splits/personalities).

What is that bloody thing above, it looks like a skinned goat head or something?

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By age 8 they already had her appearing on TV shows singing sexually suggestive songs which is not as blatant as her own 100% sexual euphemism debut song "Genie in the Bottle" (Britney's debut of course was also entirely suggestive), singing the 'Star-Spangled Banner' to testosterone-filled stadiums and in that pentagram-centric 'Star Search' show, in which Britney also appeared before they joined the Mickey Mouse Club (posted on it a lot in Britney posts).

Note her occult pendant, the crescent moon with three pentagrams inside it (notice the same motifs, crescent moons and pentagram symbolism on Magician/Wizard Mickey's conical hat), skull and bones brooch (also wearing a ruby ring [second image below] associated with sexual programming, and a ruby drops necklace symbolizing blood [drops]).

Note the black cat, overtly for the standard witch cliché (and it's cultural association with the devil and witches) but more to symbolize her sex kitten programming.

Spiders are another common MK motif (all of these kinds of symbols make for good triggers) because of spider tortures' effectiveness (victims describe being trapped in a box with spiders dropped in with them and such) and other facets of the spider are useful for programming (i.e.

Quick post, I came across this photo of Christina Aguilera (click for her previous posts/photos) in a Luciferian black magick scene, with a ritual pentagram drawn on the ground and each point/element has a black candle on it.

The scene, at the very least resonates with themes of Satanic ritual abuse.Disney Mouseketeers are predominantly victims of Monarch (trauma-based mind control) programming often involving "Satanic" ritual abuse, this set of images is quite indicative of that I feel.Note the battered and burned doll on the floor which is a standard motif for childhood abuse, Christina's father Fausto's abuse and a sociopathic obsession with control is pretty well known (see this post for some specifics she can recall), a typical Monarch military father (whose name, meaning 'luck' in Italian, reminds me of Goethe's Faust who allied himself with the Devil) who traveled to military bases with his family, eventually leaving them when she was still young.A practicing occultist reader could probably describe the purpose of the jars and whatnot.Included a loosely related image of Christina at Disneyland with a Minnie Mouse Witch (+ sunflowers).Note the red and black coloured clothing (black/red/white common colour scheme used by occultists such as the Nazi establishment, the red associated with the occult obsession with pure genes/bloodline, black evil/darkness, white light for duality).